"Theater of Dimensions"

release date: 27/01/2017

playing time: 74 minutes


ranking: 10/10

The new Xandria-album is highly awaited by the fans due to the teases of Xandria themselves.

Before the new album “Theatre of Dimension” will be finally released on the 27th January 2017, the band already released a bunch of song snippets and two complete songs with videos: The resent one “Call Of Destiny” and “We Are Muderers (We All)” featuring Björn Stride of Soilwork.

Björn isn’t the only guest singer on “Theatere of Dimensions”. Henning Basse from Firewind and MaYaN and Ross Thompson (Van Canto / The Display) will join in as well.

Xandria’s seventh album “Theatre of Dimensions“ will contain 13 new songs and has a playing time of around 74 minutes.

It’s more bombastic, it’s heavier and it’s more epic! This album is easy to get into and a pleasure to listen to.

The first song “Where the heart is home“ has an orchestral beginning that is slowly building up tension before the choir joins in. Before the listener realizes it, he is trapped into the music, but that isn’t bad, because what follows is symphonic metal of its finest.  The hard guitars and fast drums fit perfectly with the orchestra and Dianne with her clear soprano voice takes the cake.  The refrain is catchy, guaranteeing that this song will be an absolute stunner live too.

This could be said for almost every song.

Before the first song is over, you are humming to the music and banging your head.

The album contains mostly songs with a faster pacing, that are excellent for an energic live performance and as such they bring one right into concert-mood.

The choir-passages invite to sing along as does the catchy refrains.

A few calmer songs like the Irish influenced ballad “Forsaken Love” create a nice change.

The namesake song “Theatre of Dimension” is with around 14 minutes a long player and easily one of the best songs of the album.  It trumps up with a fitting theatrical approach, telling a story and could be described as a little musical. This song speeds up and creates an epic finale for the album and also let’s it fade out wonderfully. 

Even through the theme of the album reminds of Nightwish’s “Imaginaerum”, Xandria approached the thematic in their one style.

Compared to the predecessor “Sacrificium“ Xandria didn‘t change much in their sound. Their trademark – the super cool and energic guitar-solos – are still present in every song as is of course the orchestra. The choir is present as well and I had the impression that it was used more heavily on this album.

“Theatre of Dimension” is the second album with Dianne van Giersbergen as lead singer and this time her voice unfolds its full potential and comes much better to worth than on “Sacrificium”.

While her sopranic singing on “Sacrificium“ was nice to listen too, it lacked a bit in diversity. Her great vocal range wasn’t really used. 

On this album it is otherwise. She is using different singing styles and while her classical singing outweighs, this set’s wonderful contrasts and enriches the whole album.

Her rocking vocals in “We Are Murderers (We All)“  fits the song nicely as does theatrical speaking in “Queen of Hearts Reborn“ and the whispering and laughing in “Theatre of Dimensions”.

Beside her diverse singing styles, she gleams with the sheer power of her voice and the emotions that flued with it. “Song of Woe and Sorrow” is one of the best examples for that. Throughout the song Dianne’s voice is thick with emotion and is both strong and fragile at the same.

Welcomed additions are also the three guest singer. While it is a bit sad that there wasn’t a real duet on this album, each of them contributed a great deal of atmosphere to the songs they supported.

Their voices fit perfectly to the rest of the album. 


With “Theatre of Dimesions“ Xandria landed their next big success.

It takes right of where the predecessor “Sacrificium“ finished, but the new added elements makes it more epic and bombastic. Especially the more theatrical songs like “Theatre of Dimensions“ and “Queen of Hearts Reborn“  are taking the cakes.

Xandria fans will be thrilled with “Theatre of Dimensions“  and for all other symphonic-metal-fans it is a must buy album as well.