“Echoes of Dawn”

play time : 48:28 

release date : 16/09/2016

ranking : 9/10

“An omen of fire and death.“

On September, the 16th, the first full-length album “Echoes of Dawn” of the Dutch melodic metal band Veil of Delusions will be published. I had the chance to listen to the album before the official release date, but before I will do my review of it, some “history lessons” first. J

From time to time I get friend requests on Facebook by people I don’t know at all, mostly being ignored by me. Anyhow in December 2015, I got a request that attracted my attention. It was by a Dutch girl who wanted to promote her band in this way. I gave it a try and well … even though they hadn’t published that much music back then, I was really stunned by what I was listening to.

The girl who contacted me was Zoë Tilly, lead vocalist of the band Veil of Delusions. End of October 2015, the band published their first lyric video for the single “The Chase” and probably as Christmas present the second lyric video for the song “Across the Sky” was released on 2015-12-24. The band is completed by Martin Vos on the guitar who is also doing the grunts, Xander ten Boden also on guitar, Jeffrey Wennekes on the bass and Rob Reijs on the drums.

So of course I was eager to listen to more music by them. Now, their first full-length album “Echoes of Dawn” is about to be released. The whole album is related to war, the title refers to the clam before the storm that is coming. Any relations to ongoing events?


The album consists of an intro plus ten songs and has a total duration of 47:28 minutes. 

The band claims itself to have influences “from many bands with styles from symphonic to melodic death metal”. The intro “Echoes of Dawn” reminded me of several other intros by symphonic bands using some orchestra-like arrangements. Speeches are held to prepare the audience for war that is about to come ... “We will stand and we will fight”.

Accordingly, the second song has the title “War begins”. Goodbye symphonic influences, hello melodic death metal. And this hardly changes until the end of the album. The mixture of the clean vocals by Zoë Tilly and the growls by Martin Vos can be found in almost every song which creates a very good contrast. The music itself is usually quite dark and heavy. The only exception of this is the song “Fields of Dragons” which is … sort of happy compared to the rest of the album. Of course, the already mentioned songs “The Chase” and “Across the Sky” can be found as well on the album and I have to say that the two songs I praised before are actually the weakest ones. The remaining songs are more powerful and just amazing. My personal two favorite songs are “Black Wings” which has an absolutely amazing refrain and the best guitar solo part on the album and the last song “They wonder” which is the heaviest song of the album and is the perfect ending.

What I like best about this album is the voice of lead vocalist Zoë Tilly which is a little bit darker than the voices of other female singers in the same or related genres. It is really refreshing that there are no squeaky singing attempts. She also told me that there was no manipulation of her voice during the studio recordings at all, so basically that she sounds the same way when performing live. 

To sum it up – “Echoes of Dawn” is an absolutely amazing debut album. If you are into melodic death metal you really should give it a try.

I already pre-ordered my physical copy of the album and cannot wait to see them live one day.