There are many legends about Pandora’s box. But do you know the latest one?

They speak about a new band. A band from Portugal with the name “The Autist” who were captured inside of the box for many years and unharnessed in 2014 by the later guitar player of the band, Pedro Remiz. 

Gradually Sara Henriques with her amazing voice, João Prim as a male singer and talented screamer, Pedro Remiz together with his guitar, another lady Tatiana Lima with a bass-guitar, Fábio Pires with his keyboard and Emidio Alexandre with the drums jumped out of the box

But there was still another thing in the box…it was success…but before the success could escape as well the box closed again. Now we are here to free the success.

All you need to do is read my article were I try to bring you closer to the band. After that it's up to you. If you like them, then help to free the success from the box, by sharing their work, visiting their shows and buying their cd's and merchandize. Only together we will be able to free their earned success from the box

This amazing band is inspired by some well-known bands you may also like, for example Epica. The cute singer Sara is most influenced by Simone Simons and when she was 18 she learned some techniques by singing songs of Epica, as she told me in an interview! You also can hear grunts by a man beside the clean singing of a girl.

Speaking about their music: After they released their first EP with the name "Entangled “, they went separated ways with their first singer Edna Gutierrez. But the new singer Sara, who is just 24 years old, is a perfect choice and her amazing voice fits very well to the band.

The latest album with the title “The Coldest Sun” tells the story about Pandora and her box – “Pandora is a demigoddess and also a metaphor for the perfection we human beings seek to achieve throughout our lives such as the search for eternal love. However, with it also comes the fear of rejection and the coldness of being apart from the things we love. It's the quantum love that describes the entanglement of matter. The box symbolises the mystery/chaos that lies within it. Once opened, the box unleashed the things the narrator sought but also the things he didn't...” -Sara Henriques 

For this album they will re-record some older tracks from their first EP and do many collaborations. Furthermore, you can excitedly look forward to see some cool new videos in the future because they love it and so do I. The album itself will be released in 2017, check the band page for more information.


Did I make you curious now?  

If so, you should check out their new video entitled "Pandora's Curse", that gives you the best introduction to band and it features Polina Psycheya from the Russian death metal band “All I Could Bleed”

Now hurry up and help the band to free the success from Pandora’s Box by liking their page and marking the release date of the new album in your calendar.