The earth embraces us all

running time : 60:27 

release date : 16/09/2016


ranking: 8.5 / 10 

Nowadays, it looks like it is easy to get famous. We have youtubers that are widely known, because they play a game and upload their reactions. We have celebrities, whose only ability seems to be causing scandals.  If you are musician a, however, it is difficult to reach potential listeners. This is even harder if your genre is not mainstream.

A good alternative is to go on tour with a famous musician/band that makes a similar kind of music.

This is what a band called Temperance did. They have supported bands like ”Within Temptation“, ”Slipknot“ and ”Korpiklaani“. Later this year, they will support Nightwish in Mantova.

Originally from Italy, Temperance is a modern melodic metal band that consists of the vocalist Chiara Tricarico, the guitar player and singer Marco Pastorino, the drummer Giulio Capone and the bass player Luca Negro.

So far, Temperance has accomplished two releases. The namesake and debut album ”Temperance“ in 2014 and in their second album „Limitless“ in 2015, which was promoted by a lot of touring including the complete west coast of the U.S.

The various concerts earned them a diverse and global fanbase.

Without a doubt, their third album “The Earth Embraces Us All“ will add new fans and also let the old ones cheer.

Temperances new album touches many different genres, from the very melodic beginning of the first song ”A thousand Places”, which convinces especially with an instrumental beginning, that nicely features a violin and a piano before kicking off with both singers joining into a more rocking approach to the almost poppy “Unspoken Words“. Even Jazz, Soul and electronic elements can be found.

All the different genres and instruments create a rich and diverse listening experience. Both singers contribute their part as well.

While the album is mostly shaped by Chiaras clean and rocky vocals, the male (backing-) singer often joins in, differing from clean deep singing to high singing (sometimes sounding like Marco Hietala).

Seldom, a female opera voice is used, too, e.g. in songs like ”Revolution“ and  ”At the Edge of Space“.

Even through all these different components the album has a harmonic sound. Not one song sticks out badly. They all fit in nicely.

Mostly, the songs are very fast and energetic and cause the listener to want more and to party live together with the band.


While the lyrics are all in English, the song ”Maschere“ is an exception and in their native language.  Personally, I think this is another highlight of the album, because nowadays English lyrics are very common and this is a good example that other languages are also very nice. 

”The Earth Embraces Us All“ is a very good album that will please many. I recommend it especially for fans of Amaranthe and Nightwish, but if you like symphonic/melodic metal in general you should definitely check it out, too!