“Dim Days of Dolor”, 

release date: 11/11/2016

playing time: ~ 56 minutes


ranking: 7,5 / 10

The first album with a new singer is often highly anticipateby the fans and a bit dreaded. “How does the new singer sound and will she fit into the band? Will I still like them?” are questions that occur very frequently.

Sirenia is surely one of the bands which is experienced with changing singers. After they went separate ways with Ailyn this year, Sirenia has announced Emmanuelle Zoldan to be her successor.

On November 11th, 2016 Sirenia are releasing their new album called “Dim Days of Dolor”, which will make fans decide whether they like Emmanuelle as Ailyn’s successor. It is going to be Sirenia’s 18th studio album and will feature eleven new songs. The overall playing time is around 56 minutes.

First let me tell you more about the new singer because a change of this position in a band is always recognized first.

Emmanuelle isn’t exactly new to Sirenia. She has been a member of their choir for around thirteen years now. For Sirenia fans it will still be a huge change since her voice is very different compared to Ailyn’s. While Ailyn’s voice has a rock and pop sound, Emmanuelle shines with a sharp and flawless opera voice. It definitely brings a fresh sound to this album, which may sound slightly uninspired at times though. Moreover, the songs do not differ in style very much, so there isn’t one that stands out.


This time Sirenia rather focused on a melodic approach, therefore violins are used constantly. The album as a whole isn’t very heavy and misses a certain edge. Some songs simply don’t attract attention. The growls from mastermind Morten Veland are rarely used and the guitars stay in the background most of the time.

>>Pic by Magna Femina at the FemMe Event 2016
>>Pic by Magna Femina at the FemMe Event 2016

One of the highlights of this album is “The 12th Hour”, which was uploaded on YouTube by the label. It contains all the elements that would have made this album a great one. It has a really unique beginning with Emmanuelle’s outstanding high vocals, keyboard and the ticking of a clock. The refrain is absolutely catchy. The song is mostly fast and heavy and the guitars show to advantage. The use of the flute in the ending is very harmonic and sets a nice contrast to the rest of the song. This song also contains Sirenia’s traditional male choir and growls of Morten Veland.

This album has its ups and downs, but is all in all nicely done – even if it is not their masterpiece. Still there are more ups than downs. Aside from the before mentioned “The 12th Hour”, the ear-catchers “Dim Days of Dolor”, “Treasure n’ Treason” and “Winds of Winter”, which firstly sounds like the intro to a science fiction series, and the beautiful ballad “Aeon’s Embrace”  are the most notable and best songs of the album.



To put it in a nutshell, Sirenia fans will be happy with the album, as it is definitely one of best the band has produced so far. Fans of symphonic metal spiced with a touch of gothic should also give it a try.