playing time : 37:21
release date: 22/10/2016

ranking: 09/10

While Greece is mostly known for its splendid feta and fresh olives, it is also the country of quite a few extraodinary rock and metalbands like Jaded Star, Wardrum, Dimlight, Enemy of Reality and Rage of Romance.

This time we’d like to introduce you to another great example for the Greek music scene: Mistful.


Consisting of the singer Eva Fourlanou, guitar player Michael Flourakis, bass player Johnnie Kontos, keyboarder and backing vocalist Michalis Aggelopoulos and drummer Chris Tastsidis, Mistful originated in the metropolis Athen. Back in 2013 the sextet released their first EP which includes the song „Rise Agains Your Heart“.


They are currently on their way to release their debut album „Who Leads The Way“, which is out since October 22nd, 2016. To celebrate this event they are threw an album release party with a live DJ set at modu – kolonou 76, Athens.

Now for the exciting question: What can we expect from „Who Leads The Way“? The answer is simple: A damn good album full of wonderful hard rock!


From rock-hymnes with furious guitarre riffs and neck-breaking drums to classical rock-ballades like „Love’s the reason“, Mistful deliver a solid album, which will be a joy for every hard-rock fan to listen to.

More than once Eva’s clear and strong voice reminds of the „Queen of Metal“ Doro Pesch. Her style of singing fits each song perfectly and while it is always present, it doesn’t feel like it is pulled to the foreground, it rather harmonizes with the instruments and completes the songs with another facette.  

Eva is supported by band member Michalis Aggelopoilos with backing vocals during a few songs, whose voice underlines the lead vocals nicely.

From the rocky „Pray Another Day“ with a great guitar riff to the ballad „We Say Goodbye“ that shines with an accoustic beginning, the songs are rich in variety.


Mistful make their tribute with a nearly perfect album.

What’s missing to make „Who Leads The Way“ a perfect album is, in my opinion, a hit song. A song that really strikes out and is an instant classic, one that you can’t get out of your head and can, not must, listen to again and again and will never get sick of. 


However, I can really recommend this album. Hard-Rock-Fans will definitely not be disappointed.

At the time this review was written the official website of Mistful was under construction. So if you want more infos about the band, feel free to check out their facebook where they upload old songs, teasers, new songs and many other news.