- Creeping Time-

release date: 08/04/2016

rating: 9/10  

Misteyes was founded in Italy with a five member line up in 2012. Only a year later, they released their first single "Brains In A Vat", which is best characterized by its melodic death/black sound.


After realizing that their sound was evolving, a female vocalist and a keyboard player joined their project. With the new line up they released the first demo called "Lady Loneliness", which is a prime example for the new path they had chosen: A path of contrast, of light and dark, that depicts contrasts and unites them. As such they describe their music as light and dark metal.



On April 8th 2016, their first album called "Creeping Time" was released under the Canadian label Maple Metal Records. Featuring eleven songs and an intro with a playing time of around 65 minutes Misteyes show off with a fantastic debut album. They also have a few guest musicians like Björn "Speed" Strid from Soilwork and Nicole Ansperger from Eluveitie.

The intro could be right out of a horror movie. It starts with the cries of a baby followed with a lullaby-like instrumental part. It gets more dynamic later with violins joining in. The song changes again, suddenly a choir appears, drums and the organ like keyboard can be heard. Now it sounds like a dark ritual is being held. The intro fluently transfers to the next song "Creeping time". In this first 1 minute and 40 seconds the listener gets prepared of what will follow: Through hard guitar riffs, screams and growls the album ensures a very dark and gritty overall sound. Even the female classical singer enforces the gloomy atmosphere. Combined with an organ like sounding keyboard it could be described as gothic metal. 

But the band doesn't label itself as light and dark metal without reason. In-between, there are places that sound so calm compared to the rest of the album, that they are like a candle in a dark room. Not reaching all corners, but giving a whole new perspective. Nevertheless "Creeping time" never lets you fully relax.


The prime example for this is "Lady Loneliness" In the beginning, it creates a dreamy and melancholy sound with only a keyboard and clean female vocals. In the latter half of the song drums, e-guitars and growls fall in. With the addition of the new instruments the song gets darker, but it never loses its elegance with the violins and the female singing.



"Lady Loneliness" is a prime example of what Misteyes has to offer. When you listen to their music for the first time, you are constantly on the edge. There are twists and turns that catch the listeners unprepared. This also counts for the lyrics. So ensure that you listen carefully, because Misteyes has much to offer!

With this album they will surely hold a high spot in my personal ranking of the year.

"Lady Loneliness" and "Destroy Your Past" are simply amazing. Misteyes plays with contrast, often throws them against another and lets them clash. Through all the disharmony an exciting overall harmony is created. Yes, this may sound strange, but like the philosopher Heraclitus already said:

"Opposition brings concord.

Out of discord comes the fairest harmony"

You should definitely check them out especially when you like Epica or melodic death metal!