Lacuna Coil : Delirium 
Releasedate: may 27th, 2016

rating: 9/10 

Let me introduce you to the House of madness.

The Italian gothic, alternative rock band is back and surprises the fans not only with changes in the line-up, but also with their new studio album “Delirium”. Their eighth studio album was released on 27th may, 2016, through Century Media and is the first self-produced album of the band. It was recorded in the BRX-Studios in Mailand by “bassist and main songwriter Marco "Maki" Coti-Zelati, with engineering by Marco Barusso and additional assistance from Dario Valentini. Coti-Zelati also created the artwork for "Delirium", which is based on an atmospheric session captured by Italian photographer Alessandro Olgiati”. (


The album is heavier, darker and more intense through kind of symphonic, industrial vibes and a majority of heavy, grittier growls by Andrea Ferro and very energetic and high notes of Cristina Scabbia.

A short overview, about my journey with this great bunch of people.

I have to admit that after Karmacode (2006) and a bit of Shallow life (2009), I completely missed the jump and lost sight of the band, because I was not really thrilled of their upcoming albums. But now, I jumped with all my power on the boat after 7 years of “waiting”.

After listening to the song “House of Shame” my first reaction was: What the hell is going on with the band I listened to back in 2009? Where is the lovely and distinctive voice of Andrea and Cristina’s powerful deep rock voice? Do we have a second Epica, now?

I was totally confused but discarded the idea, right away.


After a short reflection and second try, my view turned completely. Of course, as a fan or follower from the latest albums, you actually do not recognize the typical sound of Lacuna Coil, at first sight. But as a fan of "Comalies" (2002) and Karmacode (2006) and the very early EP's, you definitely recognize their roots. I was thrilled right after my first moment of shock. Maybe I could not believe it. This fresh and new turning point in their career, I began to love more and more. Now, I’m on board again and will not leave it.

"Actually, it is a kind of past and present Lacuna Coil,

that creates a completely new and future Lacuna Coil!"

Their first song “House of Shame” is a really killer start into the album and to the new chapter of Lacuna Coil. Heavy guitar riffs, dominant and aggressive vocals and screams of Andrea and as a contrast to that soprano vocals of Cristina, that all together create the gloomy, dark and mystical atmosphere. It is a great opener and shows the intense, but dark atmosphere, which will be also omnipresent in the following songs.  With this opener it seems, that Lacuna Coil will throw away all boundaries, rules and regulations, they apparently had to follow before. The way harsher singing style of Andrea can be found in almost every song, but predominantly in “House of Shame”, in the beginning of “Broken things”, “Blood, Tears, Dust” and “Ghost in the mist”. These powerful vocals and screams alternate with Cristina’s deep and strong voice. On the album are also a few very catchy melodies, that stuck in your head right from the beginning. For example, the second song of the album “Broken Things” has plenty of heft, as well as the song “Claustrophobia”, but also a really catchy melody and hooklines like “One, two, three” or “sick, sick, sick” you will never forget. The catchiest song is definitely the song “Take me home”. The crazy beginning with kids singing a melody is really phenomenal and I find myself singing: “Big train, down the track, Tick-tock, tick-tock, coming back, it’s time jump onboard, there is room for many more”! The whole song reminds me of Korn and has some cinematic and mystical elements I really appreciate. The song “My demons” is the only song that reminds me of the last predecessor albums just with a heavier tenor. Moreover, I could not resist to see a parallel of the vocal line "It's either I kill or I will be killed" to the band Arch Enemy with the vocal line" It's killed or be killed" in the song “War Eternal”.


Next to the very heavy and dominant screams of Andrea, you can also hear Cristina trying to exhaust her voice until the limits. There are a few little soprano outbursts or kind of screams of Cristina, for example at the end of “Broken things”, very high soprano in “Blood, Tears, Dust” and the phenomenal part in the song “Delirium”. The song Delirium is the song, I would put in the shemata of an older Lacuna Coil song. Powerful clean vocals of Andrea and Cristina alternate. Furthermore, the word "Delirium" will stuck in your head forever, after you've listened to the song. I also have to say, that I could not complain about the repetitive chorus, because the name of the song is "Delirium" and together with the chants it simply portrays the state of "Delirium" and makes totally sense. Next to the great and diverse vocal parts, there are also great guitar solo parts, I would like to mention. They are highly recognizable in the songs “Blood, Tears, Dust “, in the melodic song “Downfall“, in the energetic song “my demons” and in the rock song “Claustrophobia.

Songs like “Downfall” "Claustrophobia" or "You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate you" are calmer, softer and put a lot of atmosphere and orchestration to the mix. The music, especially in "Claustrophobia" transform pure despair but also anger to the audience. The much more use of industrial sound will be quite clear in the song "Blood, Tears, Dust", but also in the song „You love Me ‘Cause I hate you“and "Ghost in the mist" . Besides, you can hear an oriental touch in “Delirium” and also in the song “Ghost in the mist”.

With the last song of the album “Ultima Ratio“, that includes staccato-drums, a lot of dynamic, heaviness and full energy of Cristina’s voice, the album takes, with the vocal line ”Save me before I fall apart” in your head, a dignified ending.

Will this album open a new door for Lacuna Coil or will it be closed ultimately?

Despite a changed line-up, including a new drummer and just one guitar player, the album is simply to the point heavy, deep, intense, energetic, tied and expresses the totally madness of despair, mental illness, anger and a lot more emotions. I appreciate the experiment with their voices very much. They risked more and also show some rough edges. Cristina’s higher tones and small outbursts, for instance in “Delirium” are phenomenal, but are also close to sound shrill. The question I asked myself is: Has Andrea ever done that much screaming?

Andrea’s voice is a lot heavier now and includes many screams. Sometimes, I wish he would use a bit more of his clean vocals in some songs. The great melody lines, guitar solo parts and the groovy chemistry between their voices let the album transmit, despite the predominant negative and gloomy emotions, confidence, power and full energy.



In my opinion, the doors will be open not only for Lacuna Coil, but also for new and old fans. It is their strongest release since “Karmacode” (2006).