Jenovese - Love U to death

time : 16:58 

release date : 23/06/2016

ranking: 8.5 / 10

Rock music is one of the most convertible and diverse forms of musical expression because it offers a large possibility to experiment and therefore is very easy to combine with other music styles. Over the decades, there are a lot of bands that create a fantastic sound on their own. From Rock 'N' Roll, at the end of 50's and the beginning of the 60's to Folk Rock, Country Rock in the mid 60's, to a new style of Psychedelic Rock, characterized by extended instrumental parts, for example by the band Pink Floyd, Glam Rock, at the beginning of the 70's and of course a countermovement such as Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Punk Rock and many more which were worth the mention.

There are as many rock bands as sand exists at the beach, but to create a recognizable sound and style of music is very unique and not easy to find.

Jenovese is such a band to remember, who comes suddenly out of nowhere and presents an interesting combination of heavy rock music with a retro vibe as well as melodic and modern melodies and containing also partly metal influences with an electronic support by the use of synthesizers.

Jenovese is the name of the band from Cardiff in South Wales, who launched their debut EP “Love U To Death” at the end of April in 2016. The band was formed in 2015 and consists of six band members: Emma Rees (Vocals) and James Rees (Guitar), Lee Jones (Guitar), Leigh Matthews (Bass Guitar), Jack Pritchard (Drums) and Gareth Mochan (Synths/Sequences).

The EP “Love U To Death” includes 4 songs with a total duration of 16:58 minutes.

Their first single “Despair” was published before the official EP release together with a music video. Furthermore, they also signed a deal with the Matrix Amplification and pedal Tone USA.

All four songs have the same prevailing characteristics. These are: Explosive guitars, driving beats, a singer, who really sings her lungs out, alongside repetitive melodic passages and catchy chorus’ to sing along. While the heavy guitars with the grooving drums create the ultimate rock vibe, other elements such as the synthesizers, the song structure or the backing vocals give the songs their modern and kind of pop music touch. The music and the vocals are blended very well with the same amount of intensity and amplification.

Other highlights are the long instrumental and diverse intro parts. For example, the intense guitar parts alongside synths, a powerful and partly raspy voice and pounding beats at the beginning of the song “It doesn’t matter” or in “Love U To Death (until 0:54)”. The kind of psychedelic or spacey sound is created through the use of different synthesizers, for instance at the beginning of the songs “Despair”, “Nothing left to say” and also at the beginning of “Love U to Death”. In the song “Love U to Death” it reminds me like the sound out of a music box.

The incredible catchy hooks and song structure make it easy to immerse into the songs and capture them with no trouble. You can easily relate to the lyrics as well. Besides, you will be carried away by the energetic mood the songs create and you want to sing, dance, jump and head-bang at the same time.

While the synthesizers give you a soothing feeling and electronic touch, the crunching guitars stir you up and let the song drift into the heavy rock edge. Emma Rees voice seems to be partly doubled which gives the spoken lyrics even more intensity and brings close the emotions of the songs

To sum it up, the most epic song that features all the Jenovese characteristics is ”It doesn’t matter”. It is the shortest, fastest and heaviest song from the EP with a voice that sounds like distant (hall-effect) which especially emphasizes the retro and classic rock feeling.

Despite the fact that the songs are easy to follow with good hooks and sing along moments, overall there is not so much variation and sometimes it would be better to hear less repetitive parts (either in the vocals or in the instruments). A point of criticism is also that there are from time to time too many filler parts such as “Yeah” singing parts which can be found for example in the song “Love U To Death”. It is too repetitive, gets a little bit boring and therefore, the song is too long.

Their official EP launch show will be on September 16th at the Rhonda Hotel in Porth including further dates around the UK! Get your tickets, now!