Envinya - The Harvest

release date: 15/07/2016

Label:  STF Records

rating: 7/10

After reviewing various bands from different nations, we got to review a band from our homeland Germany again.


This time it is Envinya, a melodic metal band from Munich that was founded in 2006. The current sextet consists of Mery Diaz Serrano on vocals, Moni on keyboard, Lorenz on bass, Enrico on drums and both Thomas and Mike on guitars.  Seven years after the formation, Envinya released their debut album „Inner Silence“, which was well received by the critics. Throughout the years Envinya has supported bands like Fiddlers Green, Tanzwut and Pro Pain.

On the 15.07.2016 they released their second album „The Harvester“.

On the instrumental side „The Harvester“ is nicely composed. The songs are refreshing and rich in variety.  Energetic guitar-riffs that are the joy of every headbanger and nicely set accents from the keyboard are the highlight of the album.

The weakness of the album are the vocalists. Mery Diaz Serrano has a nice rocking voice that fits most of the songs well. However, the high notes often sound a bit forced. This might be due to her way of singing, but you should check out their song „The Harvester“ to find out if you like her voice. 

The growls sound a bit weak but are acceptable for melodic metal.



Envinya is a solid melodic metal band and presents a well-made album.

Sadly, the certain something that makes the album stand out is missing.

4.The harvester
8.Widespread Pandemy
9.Amphibian life
10.The tower & the frog
11.Heads or tails