- In creeps clothing- 


release: 07/11/2014
rating 8/10

Deathtiny is a band, formed 2003, in South Germany, consisting of five members: Andreas Herzfeld (Bass), Anselm Wolf (Keyboards), Julia Mann (Vocals), Dennis Buffing (Guitars&Vocals) and Tobias Bezler (Drums). They classify themselves into the Melodic Dark Metal genre. As well as their name “Deathtiny”, which is a play of words of “destiny” and “death”, originating by the founder Dennis Buffing, their music is full of deep and thoughtful lyrics. Until now (2016), they published two albums and one EP, named “Descending”!

Their first album “In the Dusk” came out 2004 and the latest album”In Creep’s Clothing”, with the new singer Julia Mann, on 7th of November 2014

Their latest album includes twelve songs with a full duration of 62:16 minutes. It has a lot of dynamics, bombastic arrangements , heavy staccato-riffs combined with catchy melodies and high variety in singing techniques, such as soprano,operatic,rock of Julia Mann and toxic screams, growls of Dennis, that they use alternately but also use as a duet. For people, who loved listening to albums, for instance “Enter” of Within Temptation or early Nightwish albums, I can highly recommend You listen to their latest album. The way, how the male and female voice alternate and complement in the songs, is reminiscent of Epica, the variety of After forever and the clean, prominent and beautiful male voice reminds me of Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil. As a newbie in this genre, you will definitely need a high concentration because it is not that accessible, at the first sample. I can promise You, it is worth listening to it.

To be honest, I could not imagine much, the first time I’ve read the title “In Creep’s Clothing”. My first association was just a gradual process of fear or anger. Maybe to feel unwell in your own skin/clothes or You are not what you pretend to be or look like to other people.

The first song “In Creeps Clothing” starts as a kind of aggressive opener with bombastic melodies, full dynamic and a lot of heavy riffs. I could not resist to see a parallel to the bombastic start of the song Kinslayer or the beginning of Stargazers (just without having the classic elements as a priority) of Nightwish. The aggressive tone is emphasized through poisonous male growls. In contrast to this expressive and dominant male voice, there is the lovely soprano voice of Julia. It is also worth mentioning the rock tones of the female singer, she partly strikes. I think she hides a very rock voice with a lot of potential.  The catchy repetitive phrase “Come follow me” makes it more melodious and accessible to the audience. Overall, a really good opening track with heavy, bombastic riffs, a very dominant and well mixed male voice.


The next song “Fly” starts way more melodic and has a super catchy refrain with kind of oriental influences and marsh sound, but not with less bombast or dynamic; than the predecessor song. In addition, it is also followed by dominant guitar riffs. Considered vocally, her voice is dominant here, but more soft and deeper including rock elements in it.

The next songs “Emptiness in perfection” and “Deceive” include gothic and classic elements. Both songs change a lot from soft passages to rock and more heavy parts. Moreover, they both characterize a stirring but also gloomy and mournful atmosphere, which is reflected musically in the changing tempi, turning points, heavier tones and guitar riffs. Vocally, through the variety of her singing styles (soft, operatic, sopran, rock, almost screams etc.) and his harsh screams and growls. Ethereal and oriental elements (through Organ, syntheziser) emphasize the moody atmosphere of the songs. Also remarkable are the great guitar solo parts, her fast parlando part, and their duet, which harmonizes well together. Both songs have catchy lyrically hooklines. For example the repetitive line „It is the emptiness in perfection" and "You are lost" in the second song "Deceiver".

In all parts, the emotional chaos is quite well expressed in the songs.

The next song "Heaven& Lies" you can see literally as a contrast, because with heaven you actually do not associate something negative, such as lies. This apparent contradiction can you hear in the song. A lot of sudden dynamics changes, filled with already known pattern of male growling/screaming and fast staccato-riffs are the main focus. This time, it is accompanied by fast piano passages, Organ sounds and symphonic elements. For me, considered the song as a whole, it is the most uniform song, despite all the changes and incursions.

The next three songs are a bit weaker, wordy and dragging, in my opinion. They simply are dabbling away. The seventh song is excluded, because is it actually just a short transition of 1:01 minutes (it reminds me of " Why not me" of Within Temptation).

 In the song "Dead World" I actually expected a bit more aggression, because of the topic. In my opinion, it is a bit too long and .melancholic. It has less variety and that has nothing to do with less tempo. Nevertheless, I appreciate the guitar solo parts, the doubling voice (more depth) and the second half (from 3:44) of the song is more accessible.

 It is nearly the same with the song “Restless”. Unfortunately, in this song the annoying, rattling drums and her too high pitched voice (way too loud) draw the attention of the audience. I think it has something to do with the mixing in the studio, because as you can hear in the previous songs, she actually has a great voice, but here her voice is too overcharging. Positive is the catchy hookline “dying”,”falling”,”crawling” , again her phenomenal parlando part and the duet. I also love the musical turning points and the increase in tempo.


“We are D.R.U.” is the second longest song of the album and stands out with her pure and beautiful high tones. Her rock voice and kind of screams, she used in the song, are awesome, as well. The coloring of her voice reminds me of Sharon den Adel (singer of Within Temptation) in the song “Candles” of the album “Enter”.  The whole song structure remembers me of songs like “All We Are” of Doro. Impressive are his screams. They are phenomenal and make the song more varied and powerful. A small criticism is that there are a bit too many repetitions. 

The next song “Wasting life” starts as a melancholic, dreamy and atmospheric song, but ended up with heavy staccato-riffs, you already know. For me, it destroys the atmosphere a little bit of the song. Conversely, I appreciate her voice and the whisper elements and the produced hall-effect.

The penultimate song could pass as an acoustic song and is the only ballad on the album. Her voice is haunting, pure and beautiful. The lyrics are very thoughtful and the duet, backing vocals and choir underlines it. It gives the song a spark of hope, more energy and depth.

The final song of the album, named “Pain” is, with duration of eleven minutes, the longest track. For me, this song reflects all kind of facets of pain. In my view, in the song it is represented musically as a never ending circle. The pain proceeds to anger and rage, then despair, resignation and grief. I for one think that the beginning is too long, monotonous and again her voice too loud and intrusive. The faster parts are groovy and also the guitar parts are too long and with not much variation. I appreciate the duet parts, his growls, screams and the heavy episodes during the songs, which could represent anger and rage.


To sum up the whole album, I have to say that there is a lot of potential and there are a few very good and remarkable songs I would like to mention, for example in the song “In Creeps Clothing” I really loved his screams and growls, but I was even more impressed by his clear voice, which is very beautiful and striking. Julia has a lot of variety in her singing voice. I prefer her rock, breathy and raspy voice and her pure and beautiful soprano voice, for example in the song “Emptiness in Perfection” or “Back into Earth”. My favorite song from the album is “Heaven &Lie” because everything fits perfectly. Of course, there are also a few criticisms or better remarks, I would like to mention. Sometimes, the transition from high to low tones and vice versa are mixed not so good. That is the reason, why her voice is sometimes too penetrative, loud and too high pitched. I also think that the drums could be recorded better. I really love the variety in singing and when artists use a lot of different elements in their music BUT then it has to form an overall picture. In this album it was sometimes a bit hard to see a common theme. That is the reason, why on the one hand, there are a few songs, which stand out from the rest and on the other hand, there are some songs which go down. I also recognize that there were too much repetitive patterns and it was sometimes too predictable.


Last but not least, I want to thank you to get the possibility to finally listen to your album. Chapeau, for this effort. You have my respect and keep going.