Dark Sarah - The Puzzle

release date: 18th November 2016

playing time:


ranking: 9,5 / 10

The Puzzle is the second Album from Heidi Parviainens Dark Sarah Projekt. The album consists of 10 songs. The Storyline begins where Behind the Black Veil ended. The “Evil Tree” was shattered into pieces and took the dark souls with it. She was left in loop between life and dead.

In the intro “Breath” Dark Sarah awakes on a shore of an island in the middle of an ocean. It’s an instrumental song with some spoken words at the end. You can hear some strings and get the feeling of a beach with crushing waves.

The second song “Island in the Mist” is a faster, typical symphonic metal song. In general, all the songs on this album are faster and a bit heavier than the songs on the previous album.

“Little men” is one of the funniest song I have ever heard. Especially if you watch the music video. It’s a dancing song, with a fast refrain and a lot of drums and guitars, but less orchestra.

“Ash Grove” has some nice fast drums to offer, but is still a good symphonic metal song. In my opinion, it is the saddest song of the album. Later, you can hear a nice guitar solo, too.

“For the birds” begins with a flute solo played by Heidi herself. In opposite to “Ash grove”, the song mediates a more hopefully atmosphere, mostly transmitted through the flute and fast played drums and guitars.


“Deep and Deeper” starts with some keys and some nice played drums and guitars. Like “Island in the Mist” it’s a good symphonic metal song with quite a positive vibe. 

“Dance with the dragon” is the first duet of this album. JP Leppäluoto (Ex Charon, now Harmja) plays the part of the dragon. “Dance with the dragon” is one of the most intense songs I’ve heard. Similar to “Little men”, it’s a dancing song. It starts with a kind of a Tango feeling and the lyrics are more spoken words then chanted. It goes over in a highly emotional refrain. There is a nice guitar solo, too, but the song lives from the duet between Heidi and JP. Heidi produces a quite successful music video to this song which mediates the feeling of this song perfectly

“Cliffhanger” starts with deep drums and some keys followed by some strings. But the drums are the dominant instrument in this song. But it’s still the most orchestral song of this album.

“Aquarium” is the second duet of the album with Charlotte Wessels (Delain) as the evil siren mermaid. It started with some keys and strings but is immediately followed by heavy guitars and drums. It’s the hardest song of the album, but in my opinion the weakest one.


“Rain” is the last song of the album. Again Manuella Kraller has an appearance as Fate as on the previous album. It is more a quite song. It starts with an acoustic guitar, followed by keys and strings. Later, you can hear more typical symphonic metals elements, like orchestral parts, drums and guitars.