Dark Sarah - Behind the Black Veil

release date: 2015

playing time: 


ranking: 9/10

Dark Sarah is the new project of Heidi Parviainen, the former singer of Amberian Dawn. She describes her music as cinematic metal and I think it suits the kind of music very well. So far, she has released two albums, Behind the Black Veil (2015) and The Puzzle (2016). Both Albums were financed via crowdfunding, which shows the passion that metalheads have towards her music.
In these two albums, she tells us the story of Sarah, a woman who was left at the altar and her evil side “Dark Sarah”. Musically, the songs vary from faster metal songs to more quite ballads, but the overall sound is Musical/Symphonic Metal. What the music and the project makes unique is that Heidi invited other musicians and gave them roles in the story, for example Manuala Kraller (ex Xandria) as Fate.

The album Behind the black veil consists of 14 Songs, but only the first 11 songs tell the story of Dark Sarah. The other three songs are a bonus track (“A grim Christmas Story”) the orchestral version of “Memories Fall” and an instrumental song (“Sarah’s Theme”).

The opener “Save me” gives us a good taste of what to expect from this album. It sounds really bombastic and orchestral, but not much like metal. The song introduces the world of Sarah/Dark Sarah.

The second song “Poison Apple” is almost the opposite of “Save me”. You can hear more guitars and drums and less orchestra. When you listen to song you can feel the thoughts of revenge of Sarah. I think these two songs show really good the idea behind Dark Sarah. Firstly, it’s a continues story and secondly the sound of every song fits with the part of the story Heidi wanted to tell us.


“Hide and Seek” is a very sad song. You can hear a lot of keys and string players. 

“Memories Fall” is one of the key songs in this album. It’s the first duet. Manuela Kraller (ex-Xandria) appears as Fate. You can hear a lot of orchestral drums and the song changes between slower and faster parts. At the end, Dark Sarah appears for the first time.

The next song “Evil Roots” is the second duet on this album featuring Inga Scharf (van Canto). It’s a heavy song with a good mixture between drums, guitars and orchestral parts.

At the beginning, “Violent Roses” sounds like a funny song with its strings and keys and turns into a really crazy song where you can hear Heidi singing like crazy little child.

“Hunting the dreamer” is another fast song with typical metal elements.

“Fortress”, “Silver Tree” and “Sun, Moon and Stars” are typical symphonic metal songs.

“Light in you” closes the story of Behind the Black Veil. It’s the last duet (Tony Kakko, Sonata Arctica). It’s a sad ballad which lives from the two singers. You hear a lot of strings and keys.


Normally, you have one or two songs on an album which you consider as the best songs. In this specific case, it’s difficult to choose one. My personal option is that you have to hear the album in a row. Another tip is to watch the music videos because they punctuate the story very well.