CreTura - symphonic extreme metal from Norway

An impressive small piece of heart and soul of someone else life.


Lots of efforts and hard working in the music industry will always find their way to be shown in the world. And additionally in my opinion there is not such a thing as a delimited or determined specific kind of success that indicates that NOW the ongoing work has gotten the appreciation it deserved. Who determines how much appreciation is appropriate or not?

It’s the small things and achievements that are more important because you’ll see all the exhausting but also joyous steps you’ve made and how you are growing. Moreover, you’ll see all the mistakes you’ve maybe made and it will help you to come forward and discover new things about yourself and the things you work with. However there will be milestones or things that will push forward a new band or will make them proud and more known.

 Fortunately, that happened as the band is connecting to our small music magazine world showing us their work and lets us dive into their music by listening to two of the tracks from the upcoming album “Fall of the Seventh Golden Star”.


Who is the band?

CreTura is an „upmarket“ NEW symphonic extreme metal band formed 2010, in Bergen, Norway ,consisting of 6 band members Sárá M - Main vocals, Markus - Guitar/backing vocals, Marius – Guitar, Jørgen – Bass, Kine – Keys and  Michael - Drums . From 2010 until now they not only have changed their sound and image (for example their influences from horror movies cannot be overlooked) they are also getting more recognition not only in its hometown. Also abroad they’ll have the chance to show their talents and faces. It seems to be the month of the band considering that they not only signed and recently announced the deal with an Italian record label “WormHole Death” but also kick off their own tour in spring after releasing its album, playing at festivals and going abroad.


To get a first insight of the work we were able to listen to two of their songs.

The first song named "At the 11th Hours" (6:03 minutes) is about the end of the world.

The really long instrumental intro with a duration of 1:35, consisting of quiet violins and bass at the beginning, drifting into a heavier sound, produced by the guitars and pounding and dashing beats. It reminds me a bit of "Planet Hell" from Nightwish and this opening part can be seen as the world awakens and plunges into chaos. Also the bombastic sound and use of orchestra and synthesizer in the background strengthen this feeling. The instrumental introductory part, especially the calmer beginning of the song could be also used as a title sequence in a movie. The atmospheric, cinematic sound and feeling accompanies in the song consistently. Furthermore, in the song they are using a lot of instrumental interludes (to mention the most important ones at 2:02 and 3:02) which will be combined with lyrics but also with coral-singing in the background. I thought I also heard an instrument similar to a Xylophone.

The other important elements you'll easily recognize, floating through the song giving its finishing touches, are the orchestral parts, tempi decrease and increase, remarkable growls and phenomenal guitar solo parts. Not to forget is the pure and high voice of Sárá, of course, which is a successful contrast to the growls.

The minute 4:02 marks the most important turning point and stands out with kind of spacey, mad and psychedelic guitar solo parts and incipient growls. It can be seen as the end of the world.

Now I will give you a short insight of what you can expect from the second song, named “Reign of Terror”. The distinctive and complex sound that emphasizes their music, can be heard in this song, as well. The intro of the song also includes a long instrumental beginning, heavier than in the previous song, because of the guitars, synths and choral-singing in the backing. It reminds me a lot of march music. I t creates a gloomy, dark, visual and also strong atmosphere.

In this song I particularly appreciate the really catchy chorus, her voice which is much stronger and more focused and the measure of the song. In this song the growls have also a decisive element but I feel they are not as dominant as in the song " At the 11 th Hour" ,maybe because the growls are not completely separated here from the singing part but rather complementary. The growls follow rattling drums that kind of irritate me a bit because it destroys the flow of the music a little bit. However, it is just a short sequence (from 1:53).

After listening to this brilliant music pieces I can highly recommend them to you guys, YOU the people out there trying to find new good music.



You can also get to know more about the band members by watching their introductory videos at Facebook here: .