"First Escape"

The first time, I encountered  Canterra was in Erfurt on the 22.01.2016, where they played together with Xandria and Molllust. Between two of my alltime favourites, I didn't pay that much attention to them.

I'm very happy to do this review now otherwise, I might have missed the fantastic experience to listen to their first album.

But first of all: Who is Canterra? 

Canterra is a female fronted gothic rock/metal band from Leipzig.

Formally named "Avatar", they released their first EP "Echoes Of Fear" in 2010 and supported bands like "Lord of the Lost". After a change of band members, they decided to do a restart in 2011 with the name Canterra and are rocking the stages ever since. 

Canterra nowadays consists of Korinna (vocals), Tom (bass), Hannes (guitar), Harry (guitar) and Max (drums).

In 2014, the band decided to create their first album. To be able to do a professional studio recording the band started a successful crowdfunding project and also got help from the Wacken Fundation.

The Album called "First Escape" will be released on the 19. February 2016. It features twelve songs and has a playing time of 64 minutes and 12 seconds.

The most striking features on First Escape are the heavy and nicely arranged guitar riffs and Korinna’s  vocals. Her singing differs from deep to high and from a classical vocal technique to normal rock/pop singing. 

The songs itself are rich in variety. There are calm ballads like "My heart" and "My agony" with acoustic guitars, but also songs like "Escape" and "Child of destiny" that makes you headbang and invites you to sing along with the catchy refrain.

This also gives the album an overall nice setting as faster and slower songs are taking turns without either of them overshadowing the other. In fact, both of these are also nicely combined in the two longest songs "Broken" and "Footprints", which are both approximately eight minutes long. 

Especially the song "Footprints" I'd like to point out as it starts with acoustic guitars and Korinna’s deep relaxing singing only to suddenly speed up with e-guitars, drums and later a few growls. These changes happen quite a few times within the song, one time even slowing down to only feature  acoustic guitars and birds chirping. This song is also a great example for how diversified Korrina’s voice is. As you can see, it is clearly one of my favourites, as it is very balanced even through it constantly changes between fast/heavy and slow/calm.


That's the reason why, I think it is one of the songs which represents Canterras "First Escape" best and maybe Canterra itself.

The band wonderfully plays with all these contrast, creating a smooth hearing experience without one song sticking out badly. There is not one song in this album that I don't like and that is quite an achievement. 

All in all, I can totally recommend "First Escape".

Everyone that likes female fronted rock and metal should definitely give them a try. Particularly fans from Lacuna Coil and maybe Mono Inc. if you like it a bit heavier and a little bit less melodic.

If you are unsure whether you like it or not check out Canterra's website as you can pre-listen a new song from the upcoming album each day.

You can also see them live as they are now on tour to support Lacrimosa.

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