release date: 2016


ranking: 8,5/10

When you think of metal music you will mostly come along with Scandinavian bands from Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland, but you will be surprised about the diverse metal scene Malta has to offer.

Blind Saviour are one of the representatives of power metal music from Malta with female vocals. The band was formed by bassist Karl Friggieri, guitarist Aldo Chircop and drummer Robert Friggieri in 2013. Along the journey, singer Rachel Grech and guitarist Campos Gellel completed the band. After a lot of touring, they are back with a new debut album named “The master plan”.

Due to the scheme of a concept album on can expect songs that built upon another like there is one long suction effect. This described effect is also caused by the high dynamics and therefore wild music that will tear and chase you from one song to the next and tell the story about the apocalyptic world where the future of humanity is at stake. In a duration of 70 minutes the band shows us an epic, pure and fast power metal by using a galloping bass, shredding guitars and rattling blasts of percussion. The female voice which is light and powerful at the same time is versatile and even soaring into highs for example in “Episode”, but especially in the songs “Revolution” and “Blind Saviour”. They are using a lot of elements and details to underline the character of an apocalyptic world, for example with the vocals of the singer Rachel Grech. The transition from her middle into her higher vocal range feels like a battle between two sides, the good and the evil one are fighting against each other.

Next to the uplifting vocals, there are also narrative elements in the songs, for example in “Revolution” to make the story telling even more convincing and sustainable. The high dynamic level will not flatten during the songs and regarding to the topic of the concept album, it can be seen as an endless fight between freedom and terror and an expression of an everlasting tension at the same time. The first song “Beyond the Portals” can be considered as an introduction into the battle.  It starts with a majestic and long intro and the feeling that the soldiers going to be drawn into the war. It ends with a loud explosion. That can be associated with the start signal of the fight. Now, the battle begins with a tight guitar shredding and double bass blasting through the song “Rein the Robot” and will be continued relentlessly in “Brink of Destruction”. One can literally see encountering weapons. Everything is on fire and even after a slow intro, for instance in the song “The Episode” or in “The Day After”, one will be caught back right away into the song through the suction effect caused by the dynamic double bass and wild guitar shredding.

Despite the high tempo and tight shredding and the feeling that the end is near and one has to give the last breath to fight for what you believe in, the songs compound a positive atmosphere. It will be emphasized through the key and music, but also through the , for example in “Revolution” that says indirectly that one has to stand in the light despite the fact that the rest is crumbling.

But next to the effects that should demonstrate the plot, there are a lot of other details the album has to offer. Long intermezzos with tight guitar solos, melodic and catchy choruses as in “ Dawn of Victory”, “Quest for Blue Light” or “Warrior of fire”. Besides the feeling, that someone is hitting another because of the enticing, tight riffs, rattling and fast drums, the vocal line in general with its repetitions made the songs accessible and the structure of the songs can be followed very well.



If you are interested in a very detailed dystopian storytelling and are in a mood of banging your head and punching your fists, this album is something you definitely have to check out.