Black Daffodils - Into the Sun

Today, I am going to introduce to you the forthcoming album "Into the Sun" of the Bavarian rock/metal band Black Daffodils. If you ask yourself now: "Who?", you are exactly at the same point I was about a week, ago. But since I had never heard about this band before, I could approach „Into the Sun“ at ease completely.

So let me do a brief presentation of the band at first. Founded in 2007 as a metal cover band, Black Daffodils initially played songs of Within Temptation, Nightwish and Lacuna Coil. All three of these bands belong to my all times favorites; I listen to each of them for more than 15 years. Therefore, I was very curious about what to expect from the album. After a while as a cover band, the band started to work on own songs and enjoyed creating own ideas and performing them live. Especially these songs captured the interest of the audience. So the band decided to record a demo cd which was released in February 2011. In late summer 2012, the debut album “Broken Flower”, which was an entirely self-produced record, was released by the band. In 2013, the band got signed by the German rock- and metal label 7Hard and the album was rereleased in October 2013 followed by the first official music video and single “Your Painkiller”. In recent years, there were some changes in the line-up of the band due to several reasons. The current line-up is as follows: Andrea Weiß (vocals), Mark Rubel (drums), Christian Höfner (Keys, growls), Michael Fischer (bass) and Eric Juris (guitar).


But let’s focus on the album " Into the Sun " now, which contains 13 songs with a length of almost one hour. When dealing with the album, you are sort of forced to divide the whole into two parts: the voice of the singer Andrea Weiß and the rest.


The first thing that strikes you when you are listening to Black Daffodils is the voice of the singer Andrea Weiß. With the above, typical representatives of female fronted metal bands she has not much in common, but that does not mean that she cannot sing. It is quite the opposite. Especially songs like "Dust and Stone" show how versatile her voice is. Considering the voice only you cannot compare it with singers like Sharon den Adel or Cristina Scabbia, but rather with the Australian singer Jane Comerford of the country band Texas Lightning or with the German pop singer Annett Louisan (after all, one of the most successful singers in Germany of the 2000s). Especially in the very quiet song "We're the kings" the similarities to Annett Louisan are very obvious. Who expects a voice like Floor Jansen from Nightwish now, might need some time to get used to Andrea’s singing first, but you should not prejudge it at all, but give the it the chance so it can sink in.


Now to the "rest", which I personally quite like. What stroke me first is that there are a lot turns of the tempo within the songs. This has the effect that the album doesn’t get boring at any point. A song in which this element is used quite often is "Favourite Scar". Furthermore, in between the songs there is always a different instrument that is dominating. In "Awakening" it is the keyboard which is carrying the song, "The Vision" contains the best guitar solo and in the already mentioned "Dust and Stone", the drums are especially catching your ears. It is also the song “Dust and Stone” which is my personal favorite from the whole album. Highly recommendable are also the growls. The growls that are performed by Christian Höfner are not only good, but fit also perfectly to the clean vocals of Andrea Weiß as being the complete opposite. There is a certain harmony when both are singing together. The only critical point – there are too less growls. On the other side, it also has to be noted that the melodies in all of the songs are very catchy.


So what about the influences of the “big names” of the genre?! If you listen really close to the album you “hear their footprints” from time to time. The intro of the song "Gold of the Rhine" for example, reminded me of Within Temptation at their very beginning (when they actually could not afford a real orchestra J). If you listen to the song "Awakening" and imagine the voice of Simone Simons, it could also any calm Epica song like "Storm the Sorrow", especially since the growls in this particular song really reminded me of Mark Jansen. And with the quite calm song "Into the Sun" I had to think about "The Islander" by Nightwish spontaneously.


Overall, if you take the singing and everything else together the music throughout the album reminded me a lot of the Polish symphonic metal band Unsun.

Conclusion: If I have the chance to be at a concert of Black Daffodils, I'll be there for sure. For those of you who live in Bavaria (especially in Nuremberg), you have a quite good chance for a live show in 2016 (see current tour dates below). For those who like the band Unsun, the album “Into the Sun” is highly recommended, but also fans of bands like Epica or Within Temptation should give the album a chance.


For the future, I would personally like to hear more growls.

Amount of Songs: 13

Playtime: 57:29 min
Publication date: 19/02/2016