"Bringer of Pain"

release date: 17/02/2017 

playing time: 39:45


ranking; 9/10

Boys and girls take your boots, denims, leatherjackets and chains and let’s do a time travel back into the good old 80s. At least, you can think of this when listening to “Bringer of Pain” from Battle Beast. It’s the fourth album of the band, after “Steel” (2011), “Battle Beast” (2013) and “Unholy Savior” (2015). With this album the band continues its way of producing good classical heavy metal in the style of Judas Priest, Doro or any other 80s heavy metal band spiced with some pop influences.

The range of the songs reaches from classical heavy metal songs with fast riffs and catchy hooks to bombastic power metals ballads. Noora Louhimo deep and smoky voice gives the songs a great vibe animating the listener to sing along, clap and dance.

The band has already released two music videos: One for “King of the day” and one for “Familiar Hell”. These two songs belong surely to the best of the album. “King for a day” gives you a good impression of the band’s sound because it contains all the trademarks of the band. Fast riffs, heavy drums and a catchy refrain to sing along with. “Familiar Hell” is similar but different to “King for a day”. It’s a very recognizable song because of the spoken words at the beginning followed by a fast forward beat, giving the song a bit of a disco sound. Speaking of disco sound, there is no Battle Beast album without a disco metal song. This time it is “Dancing with the Beast”. The song recalls to “Touch in the night” or “Black Ninja”. The keys create an atmospheric Japanese-like sound and the drums and gives the song a catchy beat which makes you instantly jump up and dance.

Another song that should be mentioned is “Bastard Sons of Odin”. It is a song that was created to be played live. The drums and the guitars play a fast, riding beat that makes you jump up and bang your head. The refrain invites you to sing along.

Unfortunately, the album is over too fast, because of the short duration of the songs. All the songs have a duration between 3 and 5 minutes.

With “Bringer of Pain” Battle Beast has created an almost classical, timeless metal album. If you like the more classical 80s heavy metal sound with some pop influence you should check out the band and the album.


Everyone who knows the band already can be sure to get a typical Battle Beast album in the tradition of “Unholy Savior” with all the typical sound elements of the band just a bit more perfect.