"The butterfly raiser"

release date: 03/03/2017


ranking: 8/10

The Butterfly Raiser is the second full length album of Bare Infinity and the first one after the revamp of the band in 2014.

The Butterfly Raiser is a respectable symphonic metal album with some folkmetal influences. With its fast, heavy riffs, its recalls the first Nightwish albums.

Ida Elenas rockier voice gives the songs an energetic vibe which surely will animate the crowd to headband and jump when played live.

While the overall sound is very much straight forward power symphonic metal, there are some songs that stand out. One of those songs is Artemis. The first thing you will realize when listing to this song are the spoken Italian words. The other thing is the bagpipe reminding of Last of the Wilds from Nightwish.


Another one is “In Desertis”, the first song with a guest vocalist (Max Morton) from the album. It is one of the heaviest songs on the record, beginning with a heavy drum solo and choirs. The rest of the tracks has a kind of an oriental touch to it.

“Sands of time” is the third highlight of the album. You will immediately recognize the song because of the fast played Spanish guitar, which gives the song a nice fast Latin flair.



Even if  The Butterfly Raiser is mostly a standard symphonic metal album, it provides a fresh dash added to the genre. So if you like bands like Nightwish, Epica or Delain, you should give the band and the album a chance and a listen.

Guest Musicians :

- Albert Dannemann - (Flute) Featured on Track "Artemis"

- Ioannis Maniatopoulos - (Bouzouki) from the band (TRI STATE CORNER)  is featured on Track "Sands of time"

- Sarah Wolf - (Vocals) Featured on Track "Orions "Light"

- Max Morton - (Vocals) Featured on Track "In Desertis"