Playing a concert as the first band on a fest is full of challenges and many difficulties. Is there enough time for the sound check? Where is place for the stage decoration? Did we pack everything?

What made the performance from "Alia Tempora" at the Female Voices Fest 2016 in Bamberg even more challenging was the fact that it was not only their first abroad gig, they also jumped in spontaneously for "Evil Iris" another band which had to cancel their show due to sickness. Consequently "Alia Tempora" did not have much time to prepare themselves.

Nevertheless, they gave an excellent and professional performance-

(You can read more about the concert on our live report to the Female Voices Fest).



Alia Tempora is a band from the Czech republic. As an answer to the question of a fan, the singer Markéta Morávková gave a beautiful explanation to the name which also explains the goal of the band:

"Alia Tempora means Other/Another/Different Times. The meaning is quite subjective but we take it as a link of the old and the new - world, style, music... We live in the world where everything needs its inclusion and we wanted to be somehow above it, just do music as we feel it, experiment and don't care about the categorization."

Next to Markéta the band consists of rhytm guitar player and growler Štêpán Řezníček, the drummer Patrik Macháček, Radek Žák player of the lead guitar and Pavel Žák  who is responsible for the bass guitar.


As professional as their live performance is their first album "Digital Cube", which was released in 2015 and was supported by the City of Brno as well as a successful crowdfunding campaign. The album features ten songs and two bonus tracks. It takes around 46 minutes.


On the album, the band reflects their view of the world nowadays. They criticize the hustle of time  and that we are missing out the beauty and to live our lives.

This is due to the fact, that we are losing ourselves in the internet and are losing ground at the same time. The most notable song is "Digital Cube" the theme song of the album, which raises a critical view on social networks and the risk of being" trapped in the digital cube".

Alia Tempora wanted to give the listeners a moment to "stop for a while and feel all the emotions of the world, the present moment, all the love and beauty of this world".

And they succeed. The "Digital Cube" is a unique experience, containing both optimistic songs like "Aurora" and very sad once like "Far and Forgotten".

Furthermore, the following elements represent and emphasize the album very well: The fast beats, the hard and virtuosic guitar riffs and Markéta’s high voice. From time to time, mostly as a part of the refrain, it features growls. This creates a beautiful contrast to Markéta’s high vocals.

The grows are excellent placed in the songs as is the choir. This is really refreshing to hear, because some bands tend to use both overly bombastic. In "Digital Cube" they simply add another nuisance to the songs. Instead of overshadowing Markéta's vocals, they enforce the focus on them.

As a final touch,  they also mixed in a little bit of electronic sound, which fits the overall theme of the album nicely.

Fans of Amaranthe, Delain and Lacuna Coil will be very happy with this CD. It's a refreshing and a very good first album. Alia Tempora doesn't need to shy away from being compared to the aforementioned bands. 

I especially recommend to you to check out their song "Mockingjay" which is a tribute to "The Hunger Games" novels from Suzanne Collins (and the probably more known film adaptation with Jennifer Lawrence) and also the song "Digital Cube".




In addition, the band produced also two official videos: One for "Mockingjay" and one for "Leave you behind". You can find both on YouTube. Please make sure to check them out! 


you can find also live pictures here!