Lido Femetal Fandog

~ a smoothhair Foxterrier enjoy Female Fronted Metal as much as his owner~

At first I wanna introduce you my dog.
His name is Lido , he is born in 2012 and lives with me for almost 4,5 years.


As you could see he is a Foxterrier, which forces me to find different kind of activity for getting him tired. So once I tried to combine my passion with having a dog and as a result you can see it works very good.


I taught him many dig tricks like sit, stay, down, right/left paw, hold and whatever a dog needs to learn. As Nightwish released their first album with Floor Jansen I want to have a nice picture with the dog AND the CD because Floor is one of my biggest idols. 

I had many ideas what we could do but I put him earplugs in and try to imitate he is listening to the music. Guess what? While other dogs would turn the head away he stays like a professional dog model. 

Look for yourself here:

Perfect right? 
So after that picture which was shared by Nightwish themself I really wanted to try much more...

Now its kind of a hobby for both of us. I never have to force him to look cute or do stuff...he listen very well and after I've showed him what to do he gets some goodies and we play with the ball (he is a ball lover) 
Since a while I sometimes put him with me to concerts, he can stay in the car and I organize someone who take care of him (even my girlfriend or my sister) while I enjoy the show and afterwards he could meet up with the singer... 

We've met so far:

Katra Solopuro 

Masha of Exilia 


more to come soon 
(Charlotte of Delain, Kobra Paige of Kobra and the Lotus and Elize Ryd of Amaranthe) 

He has an own facebook page where I post all his bandrelated pictures we do. 
We found out, its the perfect way of promote your band because EVERYONE is checking the picture if there is an animal :) 

So if you want to have Lido promoted your CD, DVD or other merch, just contact me on my facebook.


Here is also Lido's Facebook, you can write a message to this page as well! LIDO