Nightwish/Arch Enemy/Amorphis - Arena Nürnberger Versicherungen 5th of December 2015 by Jessie Line

We were here!

Nightwish is one of the most popular bands in metal with female singer. At the social media you realize how famous this band really is, their fanbase only in Facebook reaches 4 million long time before so it’s not a surprise they made a sold out show in the “Arena Nurnberger Versicherungen” in Nuremberg (Germany) last weekend.

As we arrived at the venue at 10 o’clock in the morning, there were some die-hard fans who spent some more hours in front of the venue as we did. They were there with a sleeping bag and had some tea. As we spoke to them they told us they came directly from the Nightwish show in Frankfurt one day before.

We tried to caught the band before they were going inside of the venue but sadly they had really a hard time schedule. We went back to the other fans in the row, the row grew not really fast only the last hour before the doors opened you could watch how the row grew.

As we were inside, we saved our first row place with all our old and new fans, the atmosphere was fantastic and all the fans were super cool, they helped us to come outside for going to the toilet and helped us to get our place back.
Some minutes before the first support band Amorphis started I turned my back around and all what I could see was a sold out venue. What a night!

Amorphis with their singer Tomi Joutsen came outside and rocked the stage with their opener song Death of a King.
The crowd was partying hard with the Finnish metal band as they played Sky Is Mine the 5th song from their setlist which included 8 songs.
As the highlight for all the fans, you really could feel how the venue was burning they send out a special guest for singing House of sleep as their last song…nobody else than Marco Hietala of Nightwish. The ladies and also the guys in the crowd were screaming like teenagers and they headbanged together with the longhaired guys on the stage.
Amorphis has done a great job but now we all waiting for the blue haired queen beast called Alissa White-Gluz, the new singer of Arch Enemy.
They started with Yesterday is dead and gone and you could feel they really mean it. For the queen beast there is no yesterday, she celebrated every show like it’s the ONE AND ONLY show ever. She jumped around, did a hardcore headbang with these blue hair.
Next to her singing skills she looked fantastic, she stood directly in front of us with her amazing outfit.  As you see her for the first time you really can’t believe it’s her who is grunting all these songs.  She is well known from her previous band “The Agonist” where she grunted too but most of the time she used her clear voice. You can imagine it was very hard for her to grunting one hour. Their set included 10 songs and an outro at the end of the show which was played from the tape.
The second song was “War Eternal”, named after their first album after they changed the singers. It’s a really killer song. As they continue with some songs they finally played my favourite song “As the page’s burn”, if you turned your back you could see many Nightwish fans didn’t like Arch Enemy and the Canadian beauty Alissa. It’s strange to see them as a support band of the most famous symphonic metal bands.
I’m sorry for all the Nightwishers but for me Arch Enemy was the real headliner. As they played “Under Black Flags we March” and Alissa jumped over the stage waving their black flags, there was no holding we all jumped and did the headbang of our lives.
One hour later they ended up their set with Nemesis. A song full of power and awesome guitar riffs. Alissa performed this song very well if you think about it wasn’t written for her. I guess Angela Gossow, the past singer and currently manager of the band will be really proud to know the small Canadian lady did a wonderful job. While she was performing Nemesis she let the crowd joining her and want us to sing “One for all – All for one” together with her.
Not only that she can sing like hell, she is also a friendly lady. I had the pleasure to meet her after the show in front of the venue and she was so cool, relaxed and nice to us who are waiting only for her (and of course Floor Jansen).

I fear some of the people around me were happy their show was over. As a joke I said to my friends next to me after the Arch Enemy set “I’m done, we can go.”
Then there was the famous black curtain which was between the crowd and the stage, to kept us in suspense.
With a big BOOM! and an amazing firework Nightwish started their show with ‘’Shutter before the beautiful’’.
Directly to the beginning such a killer song, my neck said thank you after this.

Gradually the band comes out and then finally Floor Jansen too. And this voice…there is simply one word ‘’breath-taking”.
To speak for myself I know her for a very long time. I guess its 10 years ago as I discovered her with her band After Forever, sadly they broke up in 2009.
Nightwish did the best decision to ask her for joining the band.  She can sing every song from every album perfectly. If it is Ever Dream from the Album Century Child (original Tarja Turunen Voice) or Storytime of Imaginaerum (original with Anette Olzon Voice).
If we go back in time we remembered that Anette has to change some notes in Ever Dream, for example she couldn’t sing the chorus in operatic style like Tarja did but Floor can do it perfectly.

On the setlist there also was “The Islander” sung by Marco Hietala alone but sometimes Floor joined him on stage. Before they went on with “Week Fantasy” they came to “Elan”, the first single and music video with Floor. It’s not a surprise that this was the song where every single person had known the lyrics and sung along with the tall Dutch lady.
A highlight from the 17 songs long setlist was “Nemo” , name someone who doesn’t like this song? I can’t.
While they were playing their show they had a big screen behind the venue where they showed song related videos. A little bit sad was they didn’t give the music videos on the screen.

It was so hot in the venue especially in the first rows and that wasn’t only the fault of the amazing firework they had. Nightwish tried to burn with their show into our hearts and one is for sure, they reached deep into our hearts.

In between the songs Floor Jansen talks in German to us, it’s so cute if she tries it because of her sweet Dutch accent, we Germans love it. Most of the time she has to change into English but that wasn’t a problem, we love her nevertheless.

A nice step also was they splashed some water in the venue as they performed “The greatest show on Earth” as their final song. It was a cool refreshment while we all were burning of adrenalin. Not only the song is called “The greatest Show on Earth” also the whole performance. It’s rare to see a band like Nightwish even if they weren’t the highlight for me.

Last but not least I have to say some words about the venue. I know the venue very well from some other events but this time they really should had a better organization. At first they opened not every door for leaving us outside, the line in front of the wardrobe was so long so you had to wait till they finished their things until you could go outside.
So we were searching for the merchandise of Nightwish and Arch Enemy but we couldn’t find them until a helpful girl told us we have to go upstairs. Thanks god we weren’t outside finally because if you are outside you couldn’t go inside again.
The searching of the stairs begun and finally as we came at the first floor we saw the merchandise stand of Arch Enemy.
The guys behind the table were really cool. Awesome sellers I guess at least I spent 100€ only or buying stuff there. And I didn’t change my mind that Canadians are the coolest people on earth!
Speaking about coolness…the security was really NOT cool. In one year I visited so many concerts but I never experienced until now that the security laughed at the headbanging people at a METAL CONCERT and also they spotted about a girl who used a tablet as their phone. Why doesn’t they do their job correctly so they were busy enough and couldn’t joke about people. Oh and before I forgot, that goes out to every security…if you see a guitar pick, drumstick or simply a setlist lay in front of someone give the thing to THIS person and not to another one at the end of the row especially if you see the person on stage threw it directly to the person.

Summary you can like or dislike Nightwish but you need to see them live one day and I promise you, you will fall in love with their performance. I never were a big Nightwish fan but I want to see them soon again.
Finishing to stop the rumours about Floor Jansen which said she is arrogant or bitchy, she isn’t.
I really enjoyed the meeting with her after the concert even if it was a short one because her hair were wet from the shower inside of the venue. She was so friendly and lovable, she picked up a setlist from inside of her bag and gave it to me as an excuse to not being able to take pictures or sign us something.
Also the other guys of Arch Enemy, Nightwish and Amorphis came out for taking pictures or sign us whatever we gave to them.


Thank you Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Amorphis and all the people who were involved in this tour. See you next time.