Kobra and the Lotus live in Mannheim (GER), 11th of October 2015

It was a normal Sunday morning but instead of drinking coffee and having a nice breakfast, I jumped out of the bed at 5 in the morning to start my journey to Mannheim in the beautiful Baden Württemberg area of Germany. It was already 2pm when I arrived with the bus, which had such a good Wi-Fi connection so I could watch YouTube videos of the band I would see a few hours later during the whole journey. My feelings really were mixed, they reached from ‘’I can’t wait to see them for the first time’’ to ‘’I hope it was worth to travel this way’’.Before I went to the venue, I visited the nice city and had some pizza, which I couldn’t eat because I was so damn nervous for the interview.And then…finally the time had come …I went back to the venue because our interview with the cute singer Kobra Paige was to start start soon.I arrived at the club, the 7er Club in Mannheim, nice and lovely small location with a familiar atmosphere. The acoustics were also very good but not for the people in the first row; the bass there was so loud that you couldn’t enjoy the sweet voice of the front lady.

FINALLY, the interview was done and I went inside for the first time, had a little drink and searched my place in the middle of the first row. Then I started counting the seconds and minutes till Kobra and the Lotus would begin with their show.The small singer with the nice artist name Kobra Paige gave evidence in the interview before how cute and lovely she really is, but there was one question left to answer… ’’Can she really sing as good as she looks?’’ Only one clear answer…SHE CAN! And of course better than some bigger and more famous bands!

With her performance and especially with the first song called ‘’High Priestess’’, just like her current album, she proved once again that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.Another positive thing is that they played a full set with 10 songs of their past albums. Usually, they only play 5 or 6 songs when they are the support act of another band. 

Kobra Paige tries everything to encourage the manageable amount and she does a fantastic job. The crowd was ready to rock with this awesome blond lady. My personal highlight was the song ‘Soldier’ because when I started listening to their music some weeks ago, this one was my very favorite.What made me sad were the acoustics in the first row, which were completely without a fence, so we only had the instruments to hear but not so much of her amazing voice. She noticed the bad sound and tried to compensate it with her performance, so she headbanged and smiled friendly all the time, so nobody could be really mad about the sound. 

After around 40 minutes it was time to end this show with the last song called ‘’50 shades of Evil’’. It echoed in the venue and I barely were in control of my senses. It took me a long time to calm down and realize HOW FUCKING GREAT THIS CONCERT WAS!

Kobra and the Lotus will be definitely one of my favorite bands in the future and  I’ll attend more than one show at their upcoming tour, even though I didn’t like the band when I heard their first song as I discovered them some weeks ago. I watched ‘’Ride like Sugar’’ on YouTube and instantly closed the tab seconds after the song started, for it was clear to me ’’What a shit this is, I’ll never listen to this again’’. Still, concerning the interview I wanted to do with her I gave them a second chance, thanks God I did! The second time I was listening to them, it was much better and with the third song they got me and I felt in love with their music. After this concert, they are my top favorites next to Epica. 

Okay, the show ended but that didn’t mean the evening was over, for Kobra and also the guys went straight to their merchandise to sign us whatever we wanted.Kobra herself signed every single CD she sold and when there were people, she took the time to speak with every single one. We watched the set of Gus G. together, who are also really crazy but awesome guys. In conclusion, it was an amazing evening on which I’ll look back with a big smile on my lips, not just because I discovered a new band to listen to the whole day and follow wherever they play!