Did you ever go to a concert only because your favorite singer comes along with the main band as a guest singer?

If not, be curious about my experiences.

It was a cold and rainy day when we arrived in Antwerp (Belgium). Like many others we waited in front of the hall with the name TRIX. One good thing I have never seen somewhere was that they opened the box office while we stood in queue before the entrance. They asked us to come over to put a stamp on our hands so the entry flows smoothly later on because then we had shown our ticket before and could walk in directly.

The opener band started in time. It was the German newcomer band Aeverium who went with Kamelot for already 4 shows on this tour. If you call it the beauty and the beast from Viersen (Germany) you are totally right. They mixed Aeva’s slow light voice perfectly with Marcel’s dark and very fast style of singing.

After an intro they started with “Do you remember” as their first song and you could see they really got the crowd. Everyone was willing to jump, clap and headbang. It’s not very often that I can say the support band was better than the headliner.

Both singers and the complete band stood there and provided a show you have never seen before from a band who doesnt exist that long.
The next song was Distrust which is a song which starts slowly but gets fast at the end of the song.
They went on with What are you waiting for which is my personal favorite song. On their album they recorded that song with no one else than Amanda Somerville. She also was the vocal coach for the band and produced the album Break Out , which was released last year, together with Sander Gommans. Further they went on with the single Break Out and Heavens Burning to give that evening a fantastic ending. 

After letting us wait a bit more, Serenity was ready to rock the stage in the beautiful TRIX. With this band, Kamelot did a lucky find because they are so similar to each other. Both have only guest singers on tour and most of the time the guy is singing. To promote their new album Codex Atlanticus, the Austrian band started with the second song Follow me which is also the second song on the album after the Intro.

What I noticed was that there were many Serenity fans out there in the crowd. You could see it because of their shirts. Going on with Spirit on the Flesh they burned the stage not only because Georg Neuhauser interacted with the fans in the first row. Before they went on with another song from the current album, Georg introduced the band with a funny we are surprise, surpriseSerenity. He honored the crowd, the opener Aeverium and of course the main act Kamelot. The next song was the first single release Inquinity. It was not only the first single release - it was the first song with their guest singer TASHA this evening. Beautiful as always she jumped on stage, simply knowing how to animate the audience. You can say what you want but the smaller the girl the more powerful the voice, at least in case of Serenity.

The TRIX musiekzentrum was dipped in a sea of lighteners and flashes of mobile phones because it was time for My final chapter where Christian Hermsdörfer played the acoustic guitar. Its an amazing ballad which turns into a rock song at the end, sung by Georg Neuhauser alone. 

Did you watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when you were a child? And did you also think that Snow White was the Perfect Women? That was exactly my thought when I saw TASHA coming her way to the stage to perform the song The Perfect Women with Serenity. She was dressed in a white thin dress which looked more like a nightdress and her long dark hair also reminded me of Snow-white

After 5 songs from Codex Atlanticus they played Velatum and after that Serenate of Flames. As their final song they chose one of their best known song Legacy of Tudors, also as a duet with TASHA. And so the Journeys End was near and they said goodbye to the amazing audience from Belgium. 

And oh whats that? A new face on stage.

Its Kamelots amazing guest singer for the second leg of the Haven European tour KOBRA PAIGE, better known from her own band Kobra and the Lotus who supported them also for the first leg of the tour.  She is the reason why I went for three shows of Kamelot beforehand, exactly in terms of one day I know we will meet again which is also a sentence of Kamelots first played song Veil of Elysium

And when the lights went down you could not only hear the band sing songs from Haven together with Kobra Paige, they also played some old stuff like “And when the Lights are down”, a song from 2005 or “The great Pandemonium” from 2010. This song was the point where everyone started to jump and sing together with them.

That Antwerp wasnt shy to sing, scream, jump or headbang we have known before but this song is not only catchy, its much more. One of the rare songs without the guest singer in the background.


In Center of the Universe you could hear Kobras voice for the first time because she came to the front of the stage to sing together with Tommy instead of being the background singer. You can tell me whatever you want but she fits very well in the spot next to Tommy. She isnt a girl with a sweet voice like you know from Elize Ryd or Linnea Vikström, who were with Kamelot for the first part of the tour. Her voice is darker and not as high as from the other ladies but nevertheless it suits the sound of Kamelot perfectly

Going on with Karma and Torn which are two completely different songs if you pay attention to the melodies and the voice of the singer Tommy Karevik. Promoting their new album Haven, they have to play more songs from it and they did. For example, the next one Heres to the fall, which animated to put lighters in the air since a ballad performed only by Oliver Palotai on keys and Tommy on vocals was about to be heard. Without every single other instrument. It wasnt only a very beautiful song it also gave you some minutes to recover from singing along and jumping together with Sean and Tommy who are very active on stage. 

After recovering you needed your energy again because they went on with March of Mephisto which is a very hard song but with a soft beginning. Its a typical song for headbanging whenever you can but dont forget to watch the performance of Kobra who sang in the front with Tommy. Usually you know her in a completely different outfit but she looked so beautiful with the long black Kamelot dress and the black sleeves.
Kamelot really Rule the World with their music. Even for someone who normally doesnt like them so much and is rather present because of the guest singers I can say they did a perfect show and it didnt end yet. They went on with a very popular new song called Insomnia. I promise you after visiting a Kamelot show youll have much more Insomnia than before because you cant stop thinking about their performances, the lyrics and the wonderful time you had.

Followed by a very loud but amazing drum solo they had Liar Liar on their setlist, a song from the new record which they also have a music video in collaboration with Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. This song is one of my personal favorites but what I think was a bit sad is that they played Alissas growls from tape. I really could image Kobra Paige doing the growls even if nobody of us knows if she can actually growl. Next time she should give it a try.

Another instrument following this time is Oliver Palotai with his magical fingers on the keyboard. Announced as the very last song of the evening it was time for Forever, a very melodic rock song with a catchy chorus. The crowd started their breath-taking chorus as the song came to an end wohohoooho, wohohooho it sounded through the TRIX. 

The band walked over the stage but we werent ready to leave. There were so many songs we missed so we tried to get them back while calling We want more! and we got more. They came back and played three encores. The first one was the newest music video My Therapy. If you had waited for Kobra to perform as well you would have been disappointed. Also for Revolution, the second encore, you have to wait. But nevertheless, the hard guitar riffs of Mister Kamelot himself Thomas Youngblood were so impressive that you really got pure awesome metal for the last songs.

 But then, the very very last song played its first tuneeveryone, especially me, was happy to get to hear Sacrimony Angel of Afterlife in a duet with the fascinating voice of Kobra Paige. Send me a sign, heal this broken melody. Cause each day I die in Hell you dont need to say more to bring the people to jump their heart out of their bodies. Everyone was able to sing along with the two awesome singers. All together you can say every single one did a fantastic job this evening. 

A big thank you goes out to the crew, without them we wouldnt have had such a blast.

Congratulation also to the visionary Kobra Paige of Kobra and the Lotus for being the best guest singer Kamelot ever had in their career.

Another big praise to the support bands Aeverium and Serenity for their wonderful performance.






Concert-review: 10/10