You can call it a home match…

Finally, I was able to come back to my old hometown Bamberg in Bavaria last Friday! Unfortunately, it was a rainy day, but we were not sad at all. Can you guess why? Because it was time for the second edition of the Female Voices Fest in Germany. It took place at a small venue called “Live Club”. I know this club from many other parties I attended as I was a younger girl. It’s a small, but lovely location and the stage isn’t too small, but also not the biggest one … it perfectly fits for more unknown bands

The time went by fast and soon it was around five in the evening. Finally, the doors opened for the persons owning a VIP ticket. It was sponsored by Napalm Records and included one acoustic song of Jaded Star, a young but amazing band from Greece and also one song by Serenity from Austria.

The first band Jaded Star started with an acoustic version of “Keep on fighting”, performed by the beautiful Maxi Nil and their lead guitarist Kosta Vreto. After that, Serenity came along with “Fairytales” as their chosen acoustic song.

The headliner Xandria should also perform two acoustic songs, but unfortunately it was not possible because Gerrit, the guitarist, and also Dianne felt really sick. The day before, they even had to cancel the show in Aalen because of the health issues within the band. That is the reason why we were really happy that they could make it to Bamberg, even though it was strictly forbidden for Dianne to talk during the whole meet and greet! Nevertheless, we had so much fun, got everything signed and also got pictures with all three bands. Although the VIP tickets were limited to 20 people, we only were around 10 people. I can say that all three bands are super cool and amazing people on and off stage.

One hour later the rest of the metal heads could finally enter the club. We had to wait nearly 30 minutes until the first band came on stage. It was Alia Tempora from Czech Republic. They have filled in for Evil Iris, who sadly had to cancel the show due to illness some days before the festival. 

What can I say … Alia Tempora did an amazing job during their 30 minutes of performing on stage. The singer Marketa Moravkova was a bit nervous before, because it was the band’s first show abroad. At the end it turned out that they all were very professional. The first and opening song “Digital Cube” was a big success. As far as I can tell, Marketa pleased the crowd right from the beginning with her cool voice and surrounded by heavy playing instruments of the band members. The 4th song of their playlist was a song dedicated to The Hunger Games and had the name “Mockingjay”. Most of the people, including me liked the song. Together with the last played song “Frozen” they were my favourite ones.

After a longer break and some technical issues, we got “Xiphea”, a small band from Nuremberg. Probably you know, I’m not really a fan of newcomer bands from Germany, don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have new bands, but when they from Germany, I already have a problem to like them. I don’t know why. But as soon as Xiphea started with the first song, I was glued to the spot and I couldn’t get away even if I had wanted. While the technic guys worked hard to fix the problems, the cute blond singer Sabine improvised and tried to tell us some jokes to keep us happy. To be honest they weren’t really funny, but the fact she tried it was funny enough to laugh with her. Finally, they started and the first thing which came into my mind was “Wow, that’s Liv Kristine, but so much better!” She looked a bit like her because of the dress she wore and the long blond hair which was a bit curled. And you couldn’t deny that her voice is a bit like Liv’s, too. Sometimes they also used some growls in their songs which fits very well to the band. 

“Wow, that’s Liv Kristine, but so much better!” 

- Jessie Line

To speak for myself, I have never heard about these band before and I also didn’t watch them up before I have attended this festival but they really got me with their 3rd song “Kissed by the Moon” from their album “From the uncharted island” which was released in 2014. What I liked the most was that they were the only band of the more unknown ones who did a nice performance on stage. I have noticed that the more unknown the band is the poorer is their stage performance. It wasn’t this way with Xiphea. They finished their set with a very, very old song called “Masquerade” which was a super great song to end their set list with. I believe they really can make it to the bigger festivals soon and I hope we get a tour in Germany, so I finally get the chance to listen to all of their songs. They only had 20 minutes to play and that wasn’t enough for such a good band. 

I wouldn't have minded if the upcoming band had less time on stage, so Xiphea could have played their full set because I didn’t like them that much. The name of the band was S.I.N from Regensburg. The first band with 2 female band members, of course a singer and a lady playing keyboard. I believe, they are a very young band with not so much experiences of what they are doing. Kathi, the keyboard player was kinda shy and quite. She knew exactly what she was doing, but sadly there was no stage presence. Same was with Sandra, the singer. She only stood in the middle of the stage with her guitar and didn’t move a bit. Moreover, she also didn’t look at the crowd very often. Okay, I can say she was very concentrated, but I think you should look into the faces of your listeners, shouldn’t you? Even if it’s only for a short moment. In general, her voice wasn’t that bad. Maybe, they also had the big drawback that they had to play right before my favourites from the whole evening “Jaded Star” and there was only one thing I wanted the most during their 30 minutes set: That they come to an end because I wanted to have my favourites in front of me. But it has nothing to do with their skills. As it came to the 4th song my ears were opened again because I’ve known this intro very well. They covered the song “Faster” by my childhood idols Within Temptation. With this song they lost me definitely. It wasn’t a good cover. Sandra’s voice didn’t fit to the song and also sometimes she changed the notes. As I heard her saying “Nightwish comes later” I was so curious and watched the setlist. Directly, I had a very big lump in my throat. It was the song “The Phantom of the Opera”. I have never been a big fan of Nightwish, but it still hurts so much to hear the song of Tarja in this way. Sorry guys, please search for another cover next time. I believe you can do it much better. 

Finished! Now waiting for my favourite Greek guys with whom I had joked at the VIP before. Lovely guys and the girl anyway. The first funny thing I realized was Maxi’s micro stand. It looks like the television tower in Berlin. Another fun fact was that they exactly used my favourite colours purple and black. No wonder that they are my favourites.

I know Maxi for a very long time also with her previous band “Vision of Atlantis” and I was super curious to see her for the first time live after we had some nice chats before.

Now the time had come and they started with the intro and “Mask” which was not only the first song of the set, but also the very first from their only album “Memories from the future”.

She jumped on stage directly from inside of the crowd; after she checked her vocals. Someone asked me to describe the band first before they started, I said they are a bit spacey. They did not only have glitter everywhere, they also sold Jaded Stardust and played a song named “Stars” which was the second one.

They went on with “You’ll See” and came to “Keep on Fighting”, my personal favourite which they also played as their acoustic song for the VIP.

Insofar as I could see, there weren’t so much fans of Jaded Star, but everybody jumped and headbanged along with the beautiful greek singer. To get a perfect end of the show, they gave us with “Wake Up” a kind of spacey but also great rock song. The repetitive words “wake up, wake up, wake up” were really catchy and easy to sing along. Unfortunately, they didn’t play my all-time favourite song “Innocent”, but they filled the 30 minutes perfectly. After that they all came directly to the merch which was located exactly next to the stage. I was sure I would spend A LOT OF money there, because after this evening I was much more in love than ever before. 

My real headliner was done, time to go home, haha. 

Detached by “Black Daffodils” who were also one of the organizers the show had to go on. I took the time to speak to Maxi and after that I was listening to the band again. It was only 3 weeks ago, since I’ve seen them for the first time as a supporting act of Exilia. Back then they didn’t get me with their music, but after listening to them at home for the second time I have to confess they are not that bad as I thought they were at the end of January. It was a special day for the boys and the front lady. It wasn’t only the day of their festival, it was rather also the day of the release of their current album “Into the sun”. They leadoff with the song “Before I die” which I can’t describe very well, because I was woolgathering. But the next one “Favourite Scar” was a nice one, it started very funny and happy and her voice gave you the feeling that it’s a nice sunny day. One thing sadly didn’t change…it’s her voice…sadly I still don’t like her voice. But that’s not a big deal, they had a really cool stage presence and they have played my favourite song “Your Painkiller”. Another confession is, I could sing along with the most songs they have played, because I really tried to like them and listen to them as often as I could. I was a bit unhappy that they got 40 minutes’ time for playing and my lovely Jaded Star only 30 minutes. But that’s business, you can’t get anything. Even if I dislike her singing skills they are a great band and I wouldn’t be mourning around if they support another band I like and I get to see them again. The last song was “The Sighing” an older song from their previous.

All fans were waiting for this moment; it was Serenity’s turn. If you have never heard about that band you would be wondering now, why they are here?! It’s called Female Voices Fest Germany but there is a guy behind the microphone. The explanation came some songs later when the beautiful and talented “Tasha” jumped on stage and sung a duet version of “Royal Pain” together with Georg. The first thing you have in mind if you see her is “Perfect woman” which was also the name of song number 5 in the set list. Tasha is really hot. From now on, she joined Georg in every song and especially in “Spirit in the Flesh” and “Legacy of Tudors” which both are my all-time favourites of the Austrian band. What you should know is in general, they are a male fronted band, but they have a permanent female guest singer. Most of the time, it is Natasha Koch whose solo project is called Tasha. Before Tasha joined the band, they had Clementine Delauney as singer, who is joining Visions of Atlantis now as a successor of Maxi Nil. When you know me, it’s hard to believe that I like a male fronted band, but I really do. Nevertheless, it did not change the fact that I had already had my real headliner, but Serenity is still awesome as always. And be sure it won’t be the last time that I have seen them. For all the curious people around here, they will support Kamelot at their upcoming tour. The only scheduled German location on that tour is Andernach so far. So go and check them out and I also recommend you to visit their shows in the future.

In my opinion, the evening went way too fast and most of the bands were awesome. We had met so many nice old and new friends and all the bands were still outside at their merch for signing stuff and joking with us. It was around midnight now and nobody else cared about the bands around us because it was time for the band we waited for so long.


Poor Dianne was really sick so we didn’t expect so much from the show, but what they gave us was pure pleasure for the ears. It was like a perfect show and you didn’t realize the sickness of two band members. The first Song was “Nightfall”, I’m sure many of you guys know this song. It’s normally a song not written for Dianne but she sang it perfectly. Really catchy and with a super sweet voice.  Maybe you have seen pictures of her dress? Wasn’t it pretty? And the headpiece…a dream for a symphonic fan. It didn’t appear corny or something like that, it looked more womanlike and of course majestic. They went on with “Call of the wind” which is a rare song, they haven’t played it much in the past. It’s also not one of my favourites, but Xandria is a highlight every time, so who cares about the set list. The real highlights were indeed the two following songs “Now & Forever” and “Ravenheart”. I have to admit that I’m a big fan of their previous singer Lisa Middelhauve, so you couldn’t make me happier to play these songs in my hometown Bamberg. The performance ended with “Valentine” which is the best song of Dianne so far. Such a catchy and really heavy song…couldn’t get any better.

I saw Xandria for 4 times now and each time they getting better and better. I couldn’t imagine to follow their tours like I did and still do with Epica, but if I get the chance to see them somewhere in the near future, I’ll definitely participate.

When you think the evening was done, you are not even close. There were still 2 bands following. At first Visionatica which I personally don’t like. They started really quiet, but turned a bit heavier soon. I’m sorry for them, because most of the people left directly after Xandria finished, so they had only around 20 people to play in front of. Anyway, the band around singer Amara really showed us, what they are capable of. It’s not that I didn’t like them because they sounded bad, but it’s just not my taste in music and I can tell you I was not alone with my opinion. They reminded me a bit of Within Temptation. I would like to give you some more interpretation of Visionatica because I think they deserve a bit more attention. Amara is really kinda cute, but it was late and I don’t remember their show that well. 

Brocelian who played right after them had the shittiest place in the timetable. Many people were leaving because it was something around 2 a.m. Still, they did a good job. Something about the band itself, they are also a band who have 2 females. One girl singing and the other one played the violin as a guest of the band. It really has sounded like medieval music, because of the violin. That’s why I was unconvinced. I would never say something bad about a band who played in the middle of the night. When you like metal with medieval influences, you definitely should check them out. They also had something special for all the people who stayed until the bitter end. I was also staying, but not in the main venue anymore. After they finished their set, I went backstage for joining my cuties from Jaded Star before they had to leave…so sorry, I can’t tell you about the special surprise that they had planned. =)

To sum up, I'd like to say that this festival is really a special one. You feel like you are surrounded by your family. Also you get to meet up the bands after their shows and they stay until the end. The organization was also wonderful and I hope we will get a Female Voices Fest Germany III next year. It is not like another festival were the bands doing their show and hurry up to go home…No…they watch their colleagues play, speak to the fans, sell their merch and whatever. So, see you definitely next year! 

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