Female Metal Night in Nuremberg, 29.10.2016

It is with a great pleasure that I write about the amazing „Female Metal Night“, which took place at the “Luise - The Cultfactory“ in Nuremberg on Saturday, the 29.10.2016.

The entry fee was only 5 € for three wonderful and unique bands.

The first band to play was the Black Daffodils, a band from Germany that plays a mix of symphonic rock & metal with various other elements. Originally a cover/tribute band to other symphonic-metal bands like Nightwish and Within Tempation, they soon found their own sound and have released two albums so far.


The Black Daffodils have already played quiet a lot of shows and supported bands like Freedom Call and Xandria. This is notable in their live performance.

Even though, they are still a small band and the audience wasn’t that big, they pulled of a really professional show and heated up the crowd. All efforts to animate the audience like to clap their hands were eagerly answered. What’s most notable for the stage appearance of the Black Daffodils is their variety. While most of the songs were fast and „rocking“ there were also a few acoustic songs, which were equally loved by the audience.


The call for bonus songs by the crowd sadly couldn’t be answered, because the band had already stretched out their playing time.

Next followed a band from the Czech Republic: Alia Tempora. 

I think, most people were confused at first, because they played their song “Digital Cube“ as opening song, which has a really unique beginning that doesn’t sound very metal-like, but as soon as the voice of Markéta and the guitars kicked in they recovered from their surprise and the hands raised up and the heads started banging.

The last ice was broken with an amazing cover of the song “We are the others“ by Delain and Alia Tempora held the audience captive for the remaining songs.

They mesmerized with a unique mix of metal and synths and an energizing performance.

While the songs on their album “Digital Cube“ are very good (-> look up our review), they are live on a new level. They sound harder and get a certain bite, were you simply can’t help yourself and must cheer on it. 


The main act of the evening was Xiphea. After all, the “Female Metal Night“ was also titled as the cd release party for their new album “Once upon a time“. 

What followed next was pure magic.

Perfectly themed to the new “Once upon a time“ album was the stage decoration. Apart from the Xiphea banner, Snow White’s apple, Red Riding Hood’s basket and the cursed spindle from sleeping beauty were placed on stage and greatly added to the magical atmosphere.

For those who don’t know Xiphea, yet, let me introduce them shortly. Their self-described genre is “Fairytale metal“ because their lyrics evolve around fairytales. Musically they create enchanting symphonic metal in the Beauty and the Beast style.

On stage Xiphea brilliants with a professional and dynamic stage performance.

The singer Sabine Meusel elegantly moved around the stage and could be a lost princess right out of a fairytale by herself.

Overall, the whole band clearly displayed that they were having a lot of fun, which was the same for the cheering audience.

Aside from the complete new album, Xiphea played two of their old songs: “Kissed by the moon” which is an mesmerizing hymn from their first album and they closed the evening with “Masquerade“.


What followed was a long lasting applause by an ecstatic crowd.

For me personally, this was a wonderful evening and I’m hoping that there will be a second Female Metal Night. Not only were there three really amazing bands playing, but what stood out from other concerts was the familiar atmosphere. All three bands are befriended and were happy to see each other again. They even cheered to each other from the audience. Each band clearly enjoyed the evening as well and this was also present in their stage appearances.


Of course, each band also took the time to happily chat with their fans and pose for photos.


Are you curios and want to see the bands live, too?

While Xiphea hasn’t any more shows announced, yet, both other bands have.

Alia Tempora will play on the 3rd of December on the “Femme Fatale“ in Brno, Czech Republic. The next announced show of the Black Daffodils is going to be in Nuremberg on the 23. of December 2016 with free entry.