"Masha was fuckin' sick tonight"

a live report about Exilia playing in a small town in Germany!

My childhood dream came true yesterday evening in a small town called Wachenroth here in Germany. I’ve been growing up with the band Exilia that was founded in 1993 by the singer Masha Mysmane in Italy. When I was around 12 years old I started listening to them as they released their Album “Unleashed” which contains most of my favourite songs for Example “Can’t break me down” or “Stop playing God” only to name a few! Sometimes in the past, it was a bit quite around Exilia and I searched for some other bands to listen to, but I’ve never forget this amazing band around the beautiful Masha. Now, 12 years later I realized they were playing in the near of my old home town Bamberg and I could not resist to buy a ticket for seeing them in REAL for the first time in my life. At the moment I even can’t realize what has happened last night, not only that I’ve seen them live, NO I also got a chance to meet Masha and talk with her like we have never done anything else.

Enough with the pre-story; let’s come to the evening itself.

The location was called Toxicity and is located in a small town between Bamberg and Erlangen with the name Wachenroth. The funniest fact is that Exilia has around 17.000 fans (on Facebook) and the town only has 2200 inhabitants. That makes me smile a lot.
As we arrived at the town we were searching for the location because it was a bit away from the street what we were told by our navigation system. We pulled our car in a parking lot and searched by foot. It didn’t take us much time to see the first posters about Exilia playing.
But where were the fans? I mean, it was 30 minutes before the entrance would open. We couldn’t find anyone and we were a bit depressed.
They wrote, doors will open at 8 p.m., but the support band “Black Daffodils” was still doing its sound check. So the time ran away and we were waiting in the cold, but with a delay of 30 minutes, we finally could go inside. By the way, we were still alone.


We had to pay 10 € for the show which is really cheap for having such a long existent and famous band like Exilia. But good for us so we could spend much more money at their merch. 

Very slowly the venue filled a bit; there were 10-15 people now! Normally, Black Daffodils should start at 9 p.m., but whatever the problem was they started one hour later around 10 p.m.


We used the time to look around the merch table, drunk an ice cold beer and checked out the venue.
It was a small hall which reminded me of an old club which I had visited during my “Goth time” some years ago. It had a nice familiar atmosphere and a small stage, in the middle of the big room were tables and chairs. I felt very welcomed by the owner of this club. Most of the time the crowd was older men’s around 40-50 years, but that didn’t really matter. 

Speaking about the support band, who finally came out for playing: It’s a young band from Germany which was founded as a cover band in 2007. They covered for example Evanescence, Within Temptation and some others. Sometimes later, they decided to make their own music and as you could see they have fun with what they are doing. The voice of the singer Andrea is very special and unique, but most of the time it reminded me of a pop singer, but that’s not bad in general.

I can’t help, but at this time they didn’t get me with their music. Maybe it was because the venue was very small and the crowd contained only 25 people in the end or simply because they played without a Keyboard player because Chris was sick…I don’t know!
Andrea and also the boys tried their best motivating us to clap our hands or doing some headbanging but sadly the music doesn't appeal to me.
I can’t say they were bad, because I would lie but I think you must like this kind of voice and music.
As an advice, maybe they should mix their set with cover songs and their own stuff. There was one song which I really liked: “Painkiller”. For me it’s their best song and I can say I was happy they played it 2 times at one show, haha. After the last song the crowed called “We want more” and the band asked what are our wishes to listen to? I had the strange feeling nobody really knew their songs and someone screamed “Painkiller”. They all started laughing and Andrea took her acoustic guitar and started playing Painkiller again …. that was a surprise, but I liked it.


I’ll see them again in 20 days when they are playing as supporting act for Xandria, Serenity and Jaded Star in Bamberg, so they have another chance to get me with their music.

It didn’t take long until Exilia was ready to play! I used the time to walk in front of the stage; that’s still the best place you can have for your favourite band.

Masha jumped on stage and started directly with the first song “Rewind” which is also the first song of their current album “Purity” followed by a drum intro and “Over the Edge” from Decode (released in 2012).
“One Minute” was the next song and the cute Masha excused herself for being “fucking very sick tonight”, she had fever and a sore throat.
But what was this?  Holy crap, she is sick and she does a very wonderful show and nobody really realized that she was sick! Okay if you took a closer look at her you could see that she took much painkillers
  and she looked a bit tired and beat-up, but nobody cared any longer when she started with “Bliss” and some minutes later with her personal favourite “Closer”.

Another drum intro followed and then finally they played on of my childhood songs “Coincidence”. I really felt like I was returned in the year 2004 and I was 12 years old. Now imaging a little Jessie standing in her room and head banging to “Coincidence” and the following two songs “Stop playing god” and “Day in Hell”. That was the exactly same feeling that I had yesterday.
If I hadn’t be that busy with rock hard to their songs I would probably have started crying because it was an emotional time when I was 12!

My throat is still hurting from screaming along with Masha!


It’s a pity that they don’t play “Can’t break me down” anymore, because I really can identify myself with the song which has also a music video. It is about a girl who grows up in a rich and square family. She loves to listen to metal music especially Exilia. Every time, she watches the music video on her video player and she starts to play along with them on her own guitar. Her dad gets very angry about this and banned her guitar into a safe. In the middle of the night the girl breaks that safe open and she runs away with her guitar. In an industry hall, she heard Exilia playing, she went inside of the hall and watched how they play and is so happy about that fact to see her favourite band! I had the same feeling as I listen to the song for the first time and watched the music video. I often thought about leaving my home because my family couldn’t accept my taste in music, either! 

The cute redhead ended up their set with “She’s not me” which also has a music video and “Kill me” from their record “Nobody excluded” released in 2006. What I loved the most is that they never forget their old numbers they mixed their whole setlist with old and new stuff and that’s amazing. Most of the bands whose concerts I attend have only 2-3 songs from older records and the others are from the new one or the one before and that’s a bit boring sometimes.

The show was over and you really could see how happy Masha was she finally did it because she felt not so good. We got the offer to go backstage for a small meeting with her. For her it didn’t matter if she is sick or not. She signed every single piece and took pictures with us. We talked like we never did anything else and at the end I got so many hugs. With no single word or reaction, she let us knew she would love to be in bed and sleep and that’s amazing. I wish there would be much more persons like her in the metal business. For Masha and the guys, it’s not only music or their job…it’s passion, their live and they would never be rude to someone even if they are sick, stressed or tired!

In general Exilia is a shy band I had the feeling, they don’t make jokes on stage and they also don’t act much with the crowd but that doesn’t need to be because if you see her singing her songs on stage you feel like you are in trance and you can’t do anything else as headbanging, jumping and singing along!

So are you curious what I am talking about?

Come to a show of Exilia and I’m sure you’ll tell me exactly the same!

One thing is for sure…If someone would tell me “I don’t feel anything at all” if I am listening to Exilia I really would ‘’Kill him’’.

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