Girlpower in Berlin after a long time of waiting. Epica nailed it again and rocked Huxley’s. 

For us, it wasn’t the first time we saw Epica. Two years ago, we got to see them in the same venue as this year, Huxley’s Neue Welt in Germany’s wonderful capital Berlin.

This year, they are touring with Powerwolf as a Co-headliner. In my opinion, that’s not the worst band they’ve ever toured with. German newcomers from Beyond the Black brought us a huge package of Symphonic Metal in their 30 minutes as the support band for this tour. With their well-known guitarist and background singer Christian Hermsdörfer, famous for his main band Serenity, they finally were able to enter the metal world because Jennifer’s voice alone wouldn’t make the real metal sound. For me, they were just a band like all the others, still most of the people in the venue celebrated with them.


During all the German dates and some others Epica were forced to play the smaller set before Powerwolf. With at least 75 minutes of playing time, they provided pure pleasure for the ears with all the energy they could give.
Voices got loud saying Epica was just the support band because they didn’t know anything about co-headliner shows, so they were surprised about the stage presence of Epica. They had their full equipment as well as the new stage lights in the form of a pyramid. 

They started their show with the first of eleven songs which is the intro to the new album. Eidola is a very symphonic song without any vocals and only instruments. Followed by their new song “A Phantasmic Parade”, which is my favorite song of The Holographic Principle, they really got the crowd. Everybody was singing along and headbanged together with Simone and the guys. They went further with “Universal Dead Squad”, also from the new record. Since most of the Epica fans I know said their new album is the best they ever published, you can be sure they celebrated that song with us.

As someone who follows Epica around, it was a good start into the new set for me, but I also was happy about the variety of songs they put on the setlist this time. Still, “Consign to Oblivion” is their last song of the set, like it has been for many tours now.

Of course, they are touring to promote their new material, but they added some older songs like “Cry for the Moon” and “Sancta Terra” which was a huge joy for all the fans who come to see Epica's shows whenever it’s possible. The typical ritual of “Sancta Terra” is Mark Jansen (guitar) and Coen Janssen (keyboard) playing their instruments in the photo pit directly in front of the audience, so they are extremely close to you. And so, they did it as well this time, which was the best part of the performance for many fans because it’s always a highlight to have your favorite musicians that close. If you weren’t there or never saw them playing live you would ask yourself how the keyboard could be carried into the pit. Simple, he has a very special one you can carry around and it has a very special design also. 

From their previous album, The Quantum Enigma, two songs were added to the set which were the most well-known “Unchain Utopia” and the “Essence of Silence”. What attracted my attention was that they keep playing the same songs in the setlist. For years now it’s always the same and if they didn't release new records, they would play the same old songs over and over again. But that doesn’t matter at all because the performance and the sequence of the songs is always different. At least, they change one song during the whole tour. In Ludwigsburg, they played “Storm the Sorrow” instead of “Cry for the Moon”. What I wish for in the future is for them to play some retro songs they’ve never played, or haven’t played that often in the past, like “Never Enough”, “Quietus” or “Solitary Ground”. As someone who knows their songs well I also know that “Quietus“ and “Solitary Ground“ are very slow songs. That would give the setlist a huge different feeling, since you don’t need to headbang for 11 songs, it’s also okay to relax for one song. Anyway, it still was a pleasure to be a part of the Epica family again and to attend that show.

Not only did the band give their best, the venue also offered food in the anteroom and put up signs to find the right box office if you had guestlist, photopass or E-tickets. Moreover, you could get re-entry tickets if you wanted to go outside and come back inside.

To sum up the show, I can say it was perfect and I don’t have any further words to describe this evening where I met a lot of friends. We also noticed that many people left directly after Epica, they were there to watch them only, which should show you how good they really are.