Live Report of the Art of Pain concert in Nijverdal

The last weekend of June I was in Nijverdal, NL, for the warm up party of the tattoo fest that was hosted by the Cult-Art Shop. I joined a small tour of Inside the Artist’s Head who are friends of mine from Sweden.

When I arrived at the venue, my very first impression was: “That’s it?!” It didn’t really look that big from the outside. But I was really positively surprised once I was inside the venue. There was a nice big stage, lots of room for the crowd to get crazy and also the acoustic was quite good. But the best of it all – approximately 10 m away from the stage you could get a new tattoo while the bands were playing.

The first band to enter the stage this evening was Art of Pain (Dead Man’s Silhouette had to cancel unfortunately). You could already tell during the sound check that there will be a band on stage that is definitely worth a closer look.

Art of Pain is a band from Leeuwarden, NL, that was founded by guitarist Tjaard Walstra and former singer Hans Kuypers in 2012. The self-titled song “Art of pain” was put on YouTube in August 2014. In 2015 the current singer Janneke de Boer joined the band and after a few months of rehearsal and recording they will release their debut album quite soon and play more and more concerts. The band that is influenced by bands like Megadeath and Nevermore is completed by Javier Lizana Cabello (guitars), Ronald Mous (bass) and Lennart Hoeksma (drums). A first music video was released for the song “Unleash me” in May 2016.

The first thing I noticed when the band entered the stage was the strong and powerful voice of singer Janneke de Boer. It was really an awesome performance by her. But also the remaining band members did a fantastic job. One of the band’s main characteristics are the guitar solos and all of them were very well played. The set list included eight songs containing of course “Unleash me” as the second song and “Art of pain” as the big final. 

After the show I had the opportunity to talk to the band members who are all really nice. And I also took the chance to teach the guitar player Javier a few lines of the lyrics of the song “Friday” by Inside the Artist’s Head. He really seemed to enjoy their music doing quite some head banging. 

All in all, it was a very nice evening. I am really looking forward for the release of the album. Definitely a band that is worth to check out and that you shall keep in mind.