VK Lynne by Jessie Line , 22th September 2015

Hello, thanks for taking the time to speak with us about you and your career in metal!


1.     As research showed, you have several music projects. Which one means the most to you and why?

Well, currently, I have whittled things down to my band The Spider Accomplice and my solo career. But all of the bands/projects I've been involved with have been great learing experiences, and Im very proud of the work done with them.

2.     Among singing, you play the guitar. Do you also play other instruments?

I wish I did! It's incredibly valuable to be a multi-instrumentalist. But I have spent the majority of my time focusing on my voice.

3.     Is there a female metal singer you would love to sing a duet with?

I have been so fortunate to sing with many of the women that I admire! But there IS a certain song that I'd love to sing with the great Lisa Middelhauve.... (Winking at you, Lisa!)

4.     Do you have something new coming up?

Always! The Spider Accomplice will be releasing our EP this fall, which is Part 1 of our album, 'Los Angeles'. And I'm working on material for my new solo record.

5.     Do you follow a ritual before you enter the stage?

This year, we toured twice, and on both tours I got into the habit of having a glass of wine and listening to '10,000 Hours' by Macklemore before I went on.

6.     You created a page for helping new musicians all over the world that is called Little Bear Social. What do you exactly do there? Why did you choose this name? Tell us about this PR project. 

Little Bear Social is my boutique (read: 'tiny') PR company that has promoted not just bands, but brands (t-shirts, sunglasses, perfumes). My specialty is bio-writing; I wrote the bio for White Empress, which was a lot of fun, also for Jaded Star, Enemy of Reality, Inferno Doll, etc. Little Bear is my husband's nickname for me. :)

7.     What are your favorite bands?

There's so many! Right now, I'm loving Imagine Dragons, Kamelot, Brandon Flowers, Macklemore, Eric Church-My tastes are pretty diverse!

8.     Do you also listen to metal music in your free time or is it just a job for you?

I've never met anyone in metal who makes this music as "just a job." Maybe they're out there, but I haven't met them. The folks I know all love the music, and it's in their blood. For me, I also really enjoy listening to the music that my friends are putting out there. All the bands that I've done PR work for are personal friends, and they are absolutely kicking ass right now!

9.       If you werent a musician, which profession would you carry? Are you a fulltime musician? 

I would spend more time as a writer, which is actually what I do now in addition to my musical endeavors. I write for a literary journal called 'Image Curve' http://www.imagecurve.com/author/vklynne/ .  It's growing more and more difficult to make a living as a musician, so many of us do have to have other pursuits to get by.

10.  What is your opinion about the phrase female fronted metal

I've heard arguments for and against, and both are valid. Like many other dated expressions, I'm sure it will fade off with time as more and more women are present in the scene.

11.  Is there a question you would love to answer that nobody has ever asked you? If yes, please tell us this question and answer.  

What do you wish people knew about women in metal?  That overwhelmingly, they are gracious, kind and supportive. Eve's Apple's sisterhood was/is real.  We would rather work together than compete against each other, always.

12.  What would you tell our readers and your fans?

Thank you for all your support! If you haven't heard The Spider Accomplice, our first single is free to download here: https://thespideraccomplice.bandcamp.com/track/atmosphere