Thanks for giving us the chance to talk to you about your band and your upcoming album! 


At first, how are you doing? 

(Sanna) : I’m great, thank you for asking ! And you? 

(Jessie) :Thank you, I'm doing well too. 


Let’s start with the first question : 

1 . What’s the meaning of your band name? 

There is not a specific meaning behind the name, but we are huge movie fans so we were inspired by the Oracle from the Matrix trilogy !


2 . Can you please describe your band and your music in your own words? 

Oracles is an extreme metal band with a lot of progressive elements, fast guitar riffs, non stop blast beats and lots of melodies, all combined with a fresh pinch of crazy. 


3. Your line up is a mix of members of Aborted, Dimlight and System Divide. How did you find each other? And how did everything start with Oracles? 

We found each other online, facebook to be precise. We had common friends that brought us in contact when the guys were looking for a vocalist. Sven contacted me and the rest is history. 


4. You released your first single from the new album “Miserycorde“, why have you chosen the song with the name “Scorn“ to be the first? 

Well, we thought it was the best way to introduce smoothly our sound to the crowd and what Oracles is about. It proved us right, people have shown really good response so far, we are very happy about that. 


5. Speaking about your debut album, what can we expect from it? Why should someone buy your upcoming CD? 

One should expect pure awesomeness! Just kidding! We have worked a lot on our debut album to deliver 46+ minutes of extreme melodic music at its finest. 


6. Sanna, you are well known from your past project Dimlight. Why did you break up with them?

We didn’t “break up. After almost 9 years together as a band we reached our potentials, it was time for something new. 


7. Do you have plans for touring this year ? 

Yes, it’s something in our future plans but nothing is sure at the moment. We have some festivals planned this summer though, Antwerp Metal Festival in July, which is going to be our release show as well, Mid Summer Fest in Belgium in August and Trondheim Metal Fest in Norway in October. 


8. If you could choose, which band would you go on tour with? And which are your favorite countries to tour ? 

If I could choose, I would love to tour with Tesseract, Periphery, Huntress, Djerv, Arch Enemy and Epica. I don’t have any preference. If they are having us in their country, touring is great anywhere! 


9.  Do you have other plans in the future besides Oracles, Sanna ? 

I have many ideas in my head, things that I always wanted to do but all these things take a lot of time and an awful lot of serious planning. So one step at a time. 


10. You are not a typical band with a “front woman“, you also have a male singer. Anyway, what do you think about the expression “female fronted metal’’ ? I mean not as a genre but to describe a band. 

I understand the reason the term came up years ago, since there weren’t many women involved in metal music as much, but honestly, there are so many women now that I think it’s starting to get a thing of the past past. Yes, it was something “cool’’ and exciting when a woman was in a band, but I think it is becoming more and more common. 


11. If you weren’t a singer in a band, which profession would you carry ? 

I think I’d be a photographer, or animal care taker. 


12. Thank you for taking the time for the interview, I’m looking forward to your answers. Now here it’s your space to add whatever you want (greetings, links, etc.) 

Thank you for the interview, you can check out Oracles in the links below. Preorders have began !