Myléne van den Meijer of Nyx Aether via Skype - by Jessie Line

And because the most important questions come up to our minds as we finished the interview we collected something more for your guys.

Nyx Aether is called a project, why is that?:

Well, before 2010, I was auditioning nonstop, but I couldn’t get accepted  in any band. So I decide to start something on my own. The result so far are two releases and more to come in the future. But what would really be great is, if I could find a rhythm section and keyboard player who wanna play live and help to turn Nyx into a real band. My current rhythm section is very talented and they suit Nyx perfectly, so it would be hard to let them go. 

So far the only steady members are my guitar player and myself. Also, we have a solid team around us, taking care of mixes and masters and offering recording facilities.


So you have never performed ‘live’ with Nyx Aether?:

Unfortunately, no. There have been offers, but people seem don’t read the biography I’m afraid. It says that Nyx is a project and in my mind that includes no live playing. I hope someday this will change, until then, we ‘ll just keep paving the road towards a steady band. 


There is no band picture of Nyx Aether. That kinda makes it very mysterious who are in the band, is there going to be a band picture in the future?:

In fact there will be a band picture. A friend of mine has offered to do a shoot with me and Isaak so the plan is to have it scheduled in the very near future. Like, in a couple of weeks. Isaak and I are looking forward to this because we arevery much aware that Nyx Aether needs a face. 


We spoke very short (in the video) about what Nyx Aether’s lyrics are about, is there anything you would like to add to our previous conversation on that?:

Yes, I felt that I couldn’t find the right words to explain to what we are saying in the lyrics. Like I said it is a spiritual/paganist/holistic/cosmic thing that I am describing. Much more of that will be sung about in the future. But anyway, it is about recreating or rebuilding yourself and regaining your mastership. Undo yourself from negative energy and see who comes out. It’s very interesting and moving to see who you are becoming and how, and realizing that this person who is becoming more visible every day, is actually who you are in the essence. Besides getting out of the darkness and cleaning up the negative vibe that you have been carrying with you, the whole journey feels liberating, like your life has gone from black and white into color. 

We all have responsibilities to take, and I am taking mine and share it with our listeners. 


How do you put lyrics together?:

Usually I start with the title. I have pieces of paper with frazes and rhymes that possibly will form a lyric if I put them together in an order that works. Sometimes, entire pieces come to me and they can even stay untouched because they already fit  the vocal line. I tend to worry if my lyrics will work and if they are good enough, deep enough, but in the end it all works out. 


How does the writing process happen?:

Well, Isaak usually has some tunes lying around and I have my lyrics. I explain to Isaak what I have in mind structure wise and thematically. He then puts music together and sends it to me to see if there should be anything added or deleted. Sometimes I even hear parts in one song that I like, and have those parts added into another songs to have it completed. So far that has really worked well for the songs. Of course we go back and forth with ideas until we feel a song is ‘done’.


For the future, what do you want Nyx Aether to become?:

I want Nyx to become a band. A real live band with members that will do anything to make it work, like a good oiled engine. And to back us up, a big budget so anything is affordable to do musically and artistically. It would sure take the pressure of, but first, we have three songs to work on and release them as our second EP. We are overall still experimenting and I feel that we are getting closer to what we’ll end up sounding like in the future.


For how long have you been making music?:

I’ve been into music for about 20 years now. As a kid I owned a toy guitar and toy keyboards (at the age of 2 even a karaoke set with mic), and I think that that’s where it started. My first music lesson however, was a vocal class at the age of twelve. After that I entered a musical training (it was a year of acting, dancing and singing), and from that moment on I was in love with ‘performance arts’. So after having had my first musical lessons and acting class, I went back to music and never looked back, hahaha. I had  guitar lessons from the age of 14, some bass lessons and finally, I wanted to go back to singing again and I did. To this day I still have vocals lessons, and they’re great because they result in great feedback. 


Are there bands or musicians that you admire?:

Ow absolutely! From the age of 14 I have been a Beatles fan. Because of them I wanted to do music. Actually, the guitar I showed you was the exact same model John Lennon used to play on in the first half of the 60’s. I wanted to become John so bad, but luckily I have managed to figure out what suits me best in terms of musical instruments. The material one’s aren’t for me, the physical one in my throat is however. I am a vocalist, there is no doubt about that, It’s the thing I love best.

Classically, I am more and more becoming a Handel fan. I love to sing his work, baroque is really my thing these days.