Micky Huijsmans - End of the Dream - by JessieLine

Hello Micky,

thank you so much for taking the time for this interview! How are you?

1.   You played some shows past spring and summer in the Netherlands, how was it for you?
It was great. We had a lot of fun, of course. A lot of different venues and different sizes also. Some of them were very large and others were quite small. Its always fun to play in a smaller venue, its a bit more personal.


2.   In March, you released your debut album All I Am’’. Which track means the most to you and why?
I think Dark Reflection, its our longest and most progressive song but I think its got every End of the Dream elements in it, its a sort of compilation of every song on the album.

3.   Since when do you make music?
Since I was, I guess, 8 or something. I discovered Within Temptation when I was very young and when I heard it I thought Oh, I wanna do that, too. So I started singing and as I was about 13 I had some vocal lessons.

4.   Can you describe End of the Dream in one word?
Oh, thats a tough one I dont know unique is such a boring word! I cant do it in one word. Its such a compilation of different elements.

5.   Do you also listen to Metal music in your free time or is it more like a ’’job’’ to you? Favorite Band?
Yes! Thats what I do.

6.   You are a member of a female fronted metal band from the Netherlands, we know there are many successful bands from your country, for example Epica, Within Temptation, After Forever and so on. Do they inspire you?
Yeah, they really do. Im a student at the Metal Factory (Eindhoven) and I got some singing lessons from Marcela Bovio and thats really great. She was a big influence on my singing. I think I went from Within Temptation to Evanescence to Stream of Passion when I was very young so they are a big influence on me.

7.   What do you think about the expression Female Fronted Metal’’?
I agree with Floor Jansen on that one. I dont think its a great description about the genre. You have Arch Enemy, they are female fronted metal and we are also female fronted metal and I dont think we have the same kind of music style.


8.   Are you currently working on some new stuff, for example a new music video?
Armen, the guitarist who is writing all the music, is currently working on some new music. Its not totally settled yet when we will release something new but he is very busy with writing new stuff. We are really looking forward to new stuff.


9.   Do you have plans for doing a bigger tour, maybe through Europe? Which country would be a dream for you to tour?
Yeah, we are looking for a small tour in Europe in march. Its not completely settled yet but I think we are gonna go. And its a lot of countries in Europe.

10. Does your debut album follow a special theme?
Its mostly about personal stuff, personal issues. Also for example Gone is about a suicide, how you feel kind of powerless and maybe that you have done or seen something.


11. Whats the meaning of your Band name? Why did you decide to use ’’End of the Dream’’ as your Band name?
We were looking for a name and as you know Im a big Evanescence fan. And we thought to maybe use, like Epica did, an album title or a song title of another band who really inspired us. So I remembered the song End of the Dream and I thought it is a nice idea. So the guys liked it and it really suited the music.


12. Are you nervous on stage? Do you have a ritual before you enter the stage?
No, actually not. Im usually very excited. I just want to perform.
A ritual, no no, I don
t have a ritual but I do of course sing before I go on stage and have some vocal exercises and thats it. Im quite boring *laugh*


13. Are you all full time musicians or do you have a regular job as well?
I am still in school. A music school. And besides that, I work at the post office. Im sorting the envelopes, you have to do something to earn your money.


14. I dont know how many interviews you gave until now because you are a very young Band, founded in 2013. Still, is there a question you would love to answer that nobody has ever asked you?  If yes, answer please.
Ähmnot really. We had a lot of questions.



15. Is there something you want to tell our readers and your fans?
I dont know. Only to check us out. If you like Evanescence, Within Temptation or Epica, you really should check us out.