Maxi Nil-Jaded Star-________2015

Hello Maxi, thank you so much for accepting my request and being a part of our community.

- Hey Jessie!The pleasure is all mine!=-)


Which Bands inspire you for your music?

-I'm not sure if my inspiration comes from bands... but I surely look 

up to many of them such as The Gathering, Moonspell ,30 seconds to Mars, Katatonia and admire them

a lot


For how long have you been working as a singer?

-14 years!


Are you a fulltime musican or do you also have a job besides singing?

-I'm a fulltime musician. It's the only thing I want to do and believe me...if you have a band and you want to succeed, there is no time for something else in your 



I read you support Epica for the 2 greek shows with your band Jaded Star, how does it feel to support such a talented and famous band?

-I've been friends with Epica for quite a few years now and sharing the stage with them is always a pleasure. We are all having a great time together. Epica are super cool people and I'm really looking forward to the next time!


Lets talk about your upcoming album. How would you describe the album

in your own words?

-Our debut album "Memories From The Future" was released in April 24th via the Americal label Sensory Records. It's metal,it's rock,it's melodic and powerful and I'm very proud of it. =-)


Which topics do you cover in your songs?

-I usually get inspired by life in general.This album is my diary. I write about love,pain,redemption,happiness...


Do you plan a new music video soon?

-We just released our first lyric video for the song Stars and we are working on new videos as we speak.


If we look back to your time with Visions of Atlantis (btw one of my favorite bands), how would you describe this time, the music and the relation between you and the band members? Are you now in contact with some of them?

-I had a really great time with VoA and I'm grateful for everything we did together and I cherish

the moments we lived and everything we accomplished. The relationship with most of the band members was and still is great! Can't wait to see them again on the road someday!


Do you listening to Metal, especially with frontwomen, in your free time? Whats you favourite Band?

-I listen to a lot of music in general. Not necessarily to female singers only or metal. Favourite bands of mine are The Gathering,Katatonia,Iron Maiden,Wovenhand,Bjork, Tori Amos and Florence and the Machine


Can you explain the meaning of your band name "Jaded Star"?

-I'm a sci-fi freak so I love everything that has to do with space,galaxies,stars etc. The jade stone is an ancient stone (also known as the emerald stone) and has both mental and physical healing powers. So through our music we try to heal ourselves and everyone else who likes what we do.


Do you have any rituals before you go on stage?

-I always need 5 minutes alone,to get myself together and get the vibe of the venue.Then I really need to hug my bandmates tightly before I jump on stage!


Last but not least....What was the craziest experience at a concert

(doesn't matter which band/perfomance)?

-There are quite a few crazy shit happening almost on every show!...For example in China a girl gave me her baby to sign on it...hahaha


Number 13 isn't really a question, more the place you can add whatever you want (something you want tell your fans maybe? Be creative! =) )

First of all I thank you all for the love and support all these years Jaded Star will be touring Europe with Moonspell and Dagoba this fall and we are really looking forward to seeing you on the road. Be true to yourselves and to the ones you love! Keep On 



Thank you so much again for taking the time! Greets from Germany

It was a pleasure Jessie!Thank you very much! Greetings from Greece