Markéta Morávková of Alia Tempora

1.You’ve released one album so far. Which topics do you apply in your songs?


The main story of the album is mainly described in the first and last songs - Digital Cube and Disconnected. Digital Cube opens the whole topic of the album - being trapped in the digital cube - imaginary "glass" cube which is intended to represent the state of mind when someone is trapped in the current virtual reality and endless medial massage... The song Disconnected describes the "happy end" of the story, where some "space girl" finally breaks her cube, get out and escape to the real world, where she finally see all the possible beauty and encourages other "cubers" to follow her.


2. You did two shows in Germany so far, these were your first experiences abroad. What was the best thing about and what the worst?


The best thing is that we played there twice already and the worst thing is that we played there only twice so far… :D


3.  What was your main reason to become a singer in a metal band?


It actually wasn’t a decision for me, it just happened :D I have a musician family and I always loved music, singing, instruments. My father is famous guitarist here in the Czech republic and I looked up to him a lot, so when I grew up, having a band was totally natural thing for me. But still I am very grateful for that.


4.  Do you have a new album planned for the near future?

Surely we do, but we are on the beginning of preparations and I can’t reveal more yet unfortunately. But we are very excited about what will come!

That's it for part one of the interview with Marketa, if you want to read the more of her answers to find out with whom she wants to sing a duet, what her bandname means or which profession she would carry instead of being a singer. 
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