Marina Nemtseva (Instorm) by Jessie Line , 30th january 2016

I've got the change to do an interview via Email with the talented guitar player of Instorm Marina Nemtseva! Thank you for the opportunity!

Hey Marina,

how are you doing?
Let’s start with the questions:


1.       How would you briefly describe your band?

Marina: Hello! I’m good, thank you. The band I’m playing in is called Instorm. It is a Russian metal band based in Moscow. The group was founded back in 2011 by Roman Nemtsev and me. We play fast energetic music with lots of guitar solos, beautiful passages, catchy riffs and extreme male vocals. For the time being we have released our debut full-length album called Madness Inside and have played bunch of live shows in Moscow and nearby. Our line-up for the moment: Roman Nemtsev – guitars, vocals, me – guitars, and Alexander Petrov – bass.

2.       What are your biggest influences?

Marina: My biggest influences are classical music, composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and of course music of metal bands: Wintersun, Children of Bodom early albums, Yngwie Malmsteen, Hypocrisy, Epica, etc.

3.       As we can see, you play the guitar in Instorm. How long have you been playing guitar?

Marina: I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12 years old. At first it was an acoustic guitar. Then at the age of 16 I’ve started to play electric guitar. So I’ve been playing the instrument for 14 years now.

4.       Have you ever tried to sing, too?

Marina: As the matter of fact I do sing. I have an operatic vocal. I've written about 15 songs in symphonic metal genre and recorded a few demo songs with my vocal. I did it just for me and it’s not been released. Who knows maybe someday it will J

5.       You released your first debut album Madness Inside in 2013, can you tell us which topics you bring up in your songs?

Marina: Our general topics on the album are human feelings such as fear, loneliness, alienation, rage, madness, etc.

6.       Most of the time, the audience is focused on the singer of a band.What do you think about this?

Marina: I think this is normal. Vocals are huge part in the songs and singers as a rule are frontmen. I’m too paying very much attention to vocals and singers in the bands I’m listening to. When I found out a new band and start to listen to it this is important to me what kind of vocals do they have. I might like the music but if I don’t like the vocals I will never listen to this band ever again J But I must say that not all the people paying so much attention to the singers. For example I know many people focused most on the guitar parts in the songs or even drums and general rhythmic dynamics and they don’t care about vocals or vocalists at all.     

7.       Is there something new coming up? What can we expect from Instorm in 2016?

Marina: We have new material for Instorm second album. All songs are ready to be recorded, so we hope that in 2016 we will be able to go into the studio.

8.       You are a member of another band which was formed in 2011, right? Why did you decide to found a band?

Marina: Actually I don’t have the other band. We started Instorm in 2011 but back then it was called Deadlake. Then after about one year we’ve changed the name to Instorm. So basically it’s the same band and I’ve never have played in other one. 

9.       Ive read that, at the beginning of your work, you used pseudonyms instead of your real names.How come? And why have you changed it into real names by now?

Marina: Yes, in the beginning we did use pseudonyms. We did not assign a specific meaning to it. We just thought that this is fun and we were fooling around. But after we became an active band and released an album we realized that this is serious and we wanted our real names to be attached to our work and not some meaningless pseudonyms.   

10.   Is there a question you would love to answer but nobody has ever asked you until now? Could you please answer?

Marina: Oh, this is a fun one J Well, let me think… Ok. The question would be like - “Tell us about those particular parts in your songs that sound like they’ve been taken from classical music. Do you take some music that was written by classical composers and integrate them into your songs?”

My answer: Glad you asked that J. No. All the music, all parts and arrangements we compose by ourselves me and Roman Nemtsev. We never ever take music that was written by classical composers or anyone else outside Instorm. About those particular parts that sound like classical music I must say we wanted them to sound like that. We like classical music very much and we wanted that mood and beauty in our songs so we compose it. Many listeners are confused they think that maybe this is Bach or Vivaldi music in our songs but no, we write all our music, all the songs by ourselves even those kickass “classical” passages and we’re proud of it.J

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us about your band!
We wish you much success for your upcoming career.


Marina: Thank you very much, Magna Femina. It was a pleasure for me to have this interview!

Check out her band INSTORM on facebook! Click on the pic!
Check out her band INSTORM on facebook! Click on the pic!