Katra Solopuro-Katra-Band, Feridea-July 20th 2015

Hello Katra, thanks for taking the time to speak with us about you and your new project. At first, how are you?


Let’s start with the questions: I saw you have a new project going on called Feridea. Is this your own project or did someone call you and ask you if you wanted to join?

-I was asked to join Feridea in November 2014. I really liked the songs and the guys (+ girl), so I was more than glad to join the project with them.


What about your Solo project ‘’Katra’’?  After your last album in 2010 you did’t release something new, does it still exist?

-What happened with KATRA-band, I think the time and inspiration kind of run out. We had a lot of difficulties matching our time schedules together for example first Teemu was 3 months in Abu Dhapi, then I was 3 months in Turkey doing a show production. Everybody were just too busy with their own lives and jobs. This certainly affected to our inspiration as well. But nobody knows what the future brings.. we might still activate at some point.


The digital release of your new EP with Feridea will be in the next days, which topics are you referring to in the lyrics? How would you describe the album in your own words?

-I’d say the album is fulled with beautiful orchestrations, dynamic powerfull parts which turn into sad piano and string melodies just before they again explode into full power and speed. The melodies are easy to listen and adapt and the sometimes sad lyrics still send the profound message of hope.


Next, we’re heading to your career as a singer; you are a fire artist and you do professional shows with hooping, would you ever use it during a concert?

-Definitely! I’m just waiting for the right moment and gig! But definitely I will add fire and hooping to music shows!


If you had to choose, would you choose hooping, fire shows or singing?

-This is too hard. I just can’t choose. Those are different parts of me that define me as whole. I need all of them to be able to breath =).


Are you planning to go on tour with Feridea or maybe as ’’Katra’’?

-We will go on tour as Feridea, but you may hear some familiar song from KATRA-band as well.


Is there a female (metal) singer you would love to sing a duet with?

-Hmm.. I know Noora Louhimo from Battle Beast, we used to study in the same school. I like her rough and powerfull voice. I’d would be nice contrast to do duet together with her.


Do you have any rituals before you go on stage, doesn’t matter whether as a singer or an artist?

-I always do yoga and strech. If it’s a music gig, I may drink one beer. I love to joke and laugh before hitting the stage. It is important for me to stay really positive and breath deep.


From all your songs you’ve ever sung, what’s your all-time favorite?

-Hmm. My all time favorite might be Beast within. Because the story and the lyrics are so private and important to me.


 Also some private stuff: Do you have a favorite country to visit?

-I just love Thailand, but I have so many places left were still to visit. I would love to explore Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica etc.


What are your biggest influences/idols concerning music?

-I don’t have any certain idols or bands. This is a bit hard to try to explain, but I enjoy and draw my sources of inspiration from really small things for example some melody lines in spesific songs, certain sentences in lyrics. The little things mean the most to me.


Is there a question you would love to answer that nobody has ever asked? So tell us the question and its answer directly.

-Why I decided to follow the route of arts instead of having regular job with regular paychecks? I knew already from a really young age, that I would do something artistic with my life. I had a lot of hobbies; playing piano, gymnastics, dancing… etc.. I didn’t have any spare time I just went to school and right after that to my hobbies, during weekends I competed or was at practise. I was also quite good at school and it was important to me to get good grades, so I could have chosen some other paths as well…  My mom is a business woman and really good at what she does, but I always knew that I don’t want to “sell” my living hours to some one else. I dedicated my life doing and concentrating in those subjects that were really meaningful and dear to me. It hasn’t been easy - I can tell, but I’m really happy that I decided to follow my own heart and create my own path.


Last but not least, you have the opportunity to tell our readers and your fans something, it’s your turn!

-I want to thank everyone who has followed and supported my career as an artist. It means a lot to me! I want to encourage you all to follow your own dreams and believe in yourselves! It will reward your heart!


 Thanks for answering our questions!