Imber via Skype, by Jessie Line

Unfortunately, the girls of Imber announced an extended break; however we had the opportunity to talk to them about the band and their plans for the future. Check it out yourself.

"Its time to make it official. IMBER has been a full band since 2009. Weve grown alot in the band as persons and as artists, this jurney has been amazing! Weve been meeting alot of cool people and travel around europe togethor. Truly thankful for all you IMBER fans out there we wouldnt be anything without you! IMBER will always be our family and we are best friends. Ups and downs weve been a support to eachother. 
But all storys has an end and for us its now time to move on. We will take a break at first and maybe who knows we start again someday. 
We wanna try something else now and explore new visions. We will see how this turn out and we are ofc truly sad to announce this for all you fans out there.. But we will continue with music and hope that you wanna be apart of the new jurney as well!  @imberofficial_madde @imberofficial_lea @myanderssonofficial Photo: Mathias Blom @thehappycreative "