Elize Ryd and Olof Mörck-Amaranthe-April 1st 2015

I had the chance to do an live interview with Elize Ryd (E: )and Olof Mörck (O: )  from Amaranthe before their concert in Munich, 1st April 2015 (Germany) , here you will find the results. Have fun with reading.


What is your favorite song to perform live and why?

E: It's like Amaranthine, Electroheart and Dynamite, and stop…Drop Dead Cynical of course. (laugh)
O:  I have a lot of different favorites, really always I like ‘’call my name’’ but it starts to become Drop Dead Cynical, and twice it’s a song where everybody is singing along. And we didn't perfom this song a million times, so it's new.


What's the first thing you think about when you go on stage and do you have any rituals before going on stage?

E: I usually , you know do my make up and listen to some good music which makes me happy and then get rest, that’s my ritual because  without these things I would not be the person on stage.

O: I usually shower before show because it’s a very good way to wake up. Right now, we are hours awake and then I shower and within 2 hours I feel very fresh, so that’s my ritual… a strange one (laugh)


Do you meet your fans after every show or do you want to go in the bus and get some rest?

O: I guess it’s a little bit of both.  We really love meeting our fans and shake hands for our fans who come to the shows and actually pay money for supporting us. Of course. But sometimes it's not time for this, I remember when we left Madrid, people would stand outside the bus but we didn't have time to meet them and sign something for them all, but most of the time we try to meet everyone.


Which future projects do you have coming up? live dvd?

E: that’s always something we want to do, but we wanna do it really well, that’s why we have to wait.


How do you choose the songs for a tour set?

O:Oh, it's very very difficult acutally because we love pretty much all the songs and the fans would have their favorites as well and what's really difficult is the order of the songs, especially now that we have 2 different keys for the singers so they don’t get confused by the musical keys, if you move one song so the entirly dynamic of the setlist will change


Which Amaranthe song or any other songs you've done, means the most personally to you and why?

E: (thinking) I would say its more or less in every song.

O: No, I would say every single song is like a baby somehow, so all the songs mean a lot to me. But spontaneously, I would say the song called “infinity” because in some points its going to some bad times and this song helped me.


How many languages do you speak?

E:  I speak Swedish of course, English and I study Spanish but I never spoke it so much so I’ve lost so much and I only understand a few words in French

O: (in german) ‘’I speak a little bit German’’ and Spanish. I know a few sentences in different languages but my main languages are Swedish and English. But I understand German very well.


Do you ever listen to metal bands, or is metal more like "just your job"?

O: Oh, the only time we listen to metalbands is when, like yesterday, Hendrik put some metal on.

E: It's like to we listen to Within Temptation, they are awesome. And I listen to Metal every night when the support bands play. I really like them, too. Oh, I like certain kinds of metal. 

E: We usally play our own music (laugh)


Do you also listen to yourself?

E: Of course (sings Drop Dead Cynical)

O: Somehow you are writing music for yourself so you have to listen and give a damn about what people think about


The songs, do you write them together or only one of you?

O: Me, Elize and Jake. Writing in different configuartions. 

E: It's usally me and Olof. I come to Olof's place, drink some good wine and eat some nice food and then speak about what we would like to write or he shows me some nice keyboard sounds like drop dead cynical.  


If you were able to choose, who would you like to sing with?

E: Freddy Mercury (but it's not possible) so now I would maybe say (thinks about)  ‘’Amy Lee’’, I really like her!


What is your favorite book?

E: oh…The thing is…that I cannot read… (laughing)

O: fantastic answer (laugh)

E: no I’m to thoughful…I think to much…I can’t focus on reading. You know black text on white paper because it is not beautiful. I rather watch a movie or listen to music or watch beautiful people.
So I never read a book.


Do you prefer magazines? 

E: I only watch the pictures and maybe read the headlines.

Do you attemd concerts to see other artists? What was the last one you went to?

E: Yes of course, it was actually Lacuna Coil,  two times at our last tour in US.

How can you be so confident and positive all the time? Everytime I see your facebook I see happiness

E: Arw… I guess that is what makes me happy, if I wasn't happy I wouldn’t do facebook. The thing is that the facebook and the stage experiences is what makes me happy. That gives me a lot.


So do you have a question you would love to answer but nobody ever asks?
O:I think thats one of the complicated questions.

E:I don’t know, maybe my favorite movie…(thinking)…or my favorite subject in school?
Answer it!

E:my favorites is really chemistry and math, I was totally good at maths because it runs in my family. If I ever loose my voice I will work something with maths, maybe an ingeneer, something like this.
 I also love Chemistry

E:I can see myself in white coat and the classes, it's really lovely.


Thank you so much to Elize and Olof for taking the time before the concert to do this interview with me. It was a pleasure!