Welcome to our interview with the singer and model Eleine from the swedish metal band "Eleine"

Hello Eleine,

thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about you and your band Eleine.


You are a young band from Sweden. What do you think about the Swedish Metal Scene?

We’re really happy about the metal and rock festivals like Sweden Rock Festival or Gefle Metaland to name a few


How would you describe Eleine in your own words?

Seductive Style and monumental. Eleine is more than music, Eleine is an experience.


As you might have noticed, we are a webzine dedicated to female musicians in metal and rock. What do you think about the expression “female fronted metal”?

I’ve never really thought about it that way until we released our debut album and people started asking how it felt being a female fronted band. I understand that it’s a big question in this world, but I really don’t want to focus on who’s male or female fronted, or whatever you may define yourself as. Be who you are, no matter what sex, and just do what you love. Live the life you want, and don’t be the one that regrets everything they didn’t do in life.


Which bands or artists inspired you most?

Several! Queen was the first band I listened to as a child, and still do. Besides Queen, I listen a lot to Sonata Arctica, Arch Enemy, Metallica, Moonspell and Marilyn Manson.


Your first video was “Gathering Storm”. Which topic did you apply in this song? And what’s the meaning of the video?

I think I can answer both questions with one answer!      The video is about evil trying to take over good, the dark covering the light. The world we know today has a lot of beauty, but sadly there are those that spread nothing but hate and will remove everything that stands in their way.


Which topic do you apply in your songs in general?

There are so many topics to write about. We don't have one topic we use in general, but we do write about wrongdoing, love, hate, religion and family to name a few. We think it's important that our listeners interpret our songs themselves and create their own idea of what it's about.


In some songs, you are accompanied by a male voice. What do you think about singing a duet in general? Would you also like to work together with another female singer? If yes, with whom?

The male voice is Rikard Ekberg, the other founding member of Eleine. He’s a brilliant singer and has a lovely growling technique.

If I had the chance to do one duet with a female singer, it would definitely be Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy; and a male singer to do a duet with would definetly be Till Lindemann from Rammstein. How epic would that be?


Among singing you are working as a model. How can you combine both?

It’s easy! Writing music, singing, modeling.. everything is art in some way and everything works perfectly together. I sometimes get inspired during a photoshoot to write a song, and also the other way around. I love being creative in many ways.


What can we expect from Eleine in the near future?

Up next is our European Tour with headliners Moonspell and also Italy’s „The Foreshadowing”. We’re really looking forward to it!


Eleine played at the famous Sweden Rock Festival alongside many well-known bands like Avantasia, Epica, Amaranthe and many others. How did you feel about it?

It was amazing! We had such an amazing experience, met a lot of beautiful and sweet people. We sure wanna go back soon and add fire to our show, that would be epic.


Do you prefer festivals or concerts in venues? Why?

Love both!


Do you also go to concerts in your free time? If yes, what was your last one?

Personally I almost never have time. I work way more than fulltime with the company. But the last concert I saw was Queen at Sweden Rock Festival. Technically not on my spare time, but I mean we were there!


When you hear “fans” – What is it that comes to your mind first?

Grateful. Our fans, are the most beautiful ones. I love them with all my heart and I’m grateful every single day for staying in touch on social media with them. Even if it takes a LOT of time, I love every second. So never hesitate on texting us on social media.


Is there a question you would love to answer but nobody has ever asked you before? Feel free to add your answer directly.

There’s no question I can think of!


Last but not least, is there something you want to add? (be creative ;) )  

Thank you Jessie for getting in touch with me and being such a sweetheart. Thank you for this interview, and once again thanks to all of our fans out there. It’s thanks to you we’re able to do all of this and we love you. <3


Come and meet Eleine on their upcoming european tour with Moonspell!