Dianne van Giersbergen - Xandria, Ex-Libris (02.02.2016)

Just in time before Xandria's tour is kicking off today, we had the chance to lead a short interview with Dianne van Giersbergen

Hello Dianne,


thanks for taking the time for doing this interview with us!
How are you?
Good thank you! And also thanks for your interest in us!

Let’s start with the questions:

As I saw, you are going on a big European tour with Xandria. Are you excited?

Of course the boys and I are. We are headlining this tour and are really looking forward to bringing our music to these various cities and (re-)meeting our European fans.

How do you feel on tour? What’s the best and what’s the worst thing about being on tour?

Well since this is going to be a nightliner tour one of the good things about that is that I can get a lot of sleep, the bad thing however is that the quality of sleep in a nightliner is not that good (many people around, bus is airconditioned and last but not least: the bus is moving of course). The reason why I name sleep as one of the most important subject is because that is the only thing that will give the vocal chords the time to recover after doing a work out like a show performance.

Napalm Records is giving away VIP Tickets for your upcoming shows. Is it the first time you provide VIP tickets?

For me it’s the first time that I am aware of Xandria doing this yes. For me personally it’s the first time in general.

Do you like to have VIP tickets or do you agree with some fans who say “VIP tickets will separate the fans into two categories, rich and not that rich”?

 Well I have never looked at it like that and also have never heard people dividing it like this. The VIP tickets are an idea from our label ‘Napalm Records’ who came up with the idea of the meet and greet, early entrée and the acoustic session. And we all agreed that we would like to give our fans that little extra.

On your upcoming tour, Xandria is also going to play in some small cities, like Bamberg or Aschaffenburg. What do you prefer, the big cities or the small ones?

Ooh I don’t really mind. I like to be on stage and entertain our fans, no matter where around the world that takes place.

You sing in two bands, Xandria & Ex Libris. If someone doesn’t know these bands, how can they be described briefly?

I would say Xandria would best be described as female fronted symphonic metal that in comparison to Ex Libris is just a little bit more mainstream and easier to listen to. Ex Libris is Female fronted progressive metal and therefore will challenge its listener and audience a bit more when it comes to understanding the different music techniques and cross overs.

Are you involved in both bands in the same way? 
Well different things come on our paths but since I believe more in a match of personalities to make things work than simply just dividing tasks I would say that I am.

You sang old Xandria songs like Ravenheart. Could you imagine singing other classics like Eversleeping on stage?
If that would be the direction for the band then yes of course! I do not object to any of the older songs. It is however not the case that the band will venture back into the older songs when there are so many new and exciting songs coming up!

We all know how many times Xandria changed their singer, how was it for you to be the one to replace another lady? Were the fans polite with you or did you have some sad experiences in the past?
I am very happy that I have been received very very warmly by the Xandria fans. Of course there will always be people who prefer a different singer and that is fine, one can simply not argue taste. The most important thing to remember however is that I joined the band to keep the dream alive ;)

I saw Xandria two times with you as their singer. I’ve never seen you headbang. Was it just a coincidence or do you never headbang on stage?

No correct. It’s not that I don’t like others doing that but it just doesn’t fit who I am, nor as a person nor on stage.

Do you have any rituals before you enter the stage?

Not really no

Are there any plans for a new album of Ex Libris?

For sure! We have just formed a new line up after Koen (our keyboardplayer) and I were left with the two of us, and are now very busy rehearsing both albums but also jamming and writing for a new album.

Many of us know that you have your own business with your jewelery of guitar strings called “Precious Metal”. How did it start? Why did you decide to start it?
Yes I have! I’ve been creating jewelry for a long time now but have been searching for a way to entwine this more with my music. Then at a certain moment when I watched the guys restringing their (bass)guitars and throwing away their strings I knew ‘this is what I have to do!’. The (bass) guitar strings are not only perfect material to make jewelry of, they have also been on stage with us or other bands, have been played while recording an album and therefore are part of the music we all listen to. So the jewelry I create does not only feature as a jewel, it is also a part of music history from one of the well known bands in our genre! Next to strings from Xandria and Ex Libris I also have guitar strings from Delain, Anneke van Giersbergen, Ruud Jolie, Powerwolf, Serenity and many other bands!

Are you a creative person, generally speaking, besides music and your jewelery?

I think so, at least I know I’m innovative when it comes to solving problems. Next to jewelry making I also love taking photos, which I most of the times post on my Instagram account. 

Do you play any instruments among singing?

A little bit of piano and when I was little the violin.

What’s your favorite quote?

Well I have 2 things that I regularly say. They’re not quotes from someone but just 2 rules I sort of live by: ‘Smile and you will be rewarded’ and ‘Elegance is key’.

Is there a question you would love to answer but nobody has ever asked you? If yes, would you please answer directly?
Haha I get this question a lot in interviews but so far I have not found the perfect answer to this.

Last but not least, what do you want to tell our readers, your fans, me or someone else?
I would like to say thanks to our fans and followers. I say that whenever I get the chance because it can simply not be said enough! The people who support me and my bands are the people who let me live my dreams and hopefully feel rewarded by listening to the music I sing. 

The "Symphonic Metal Nights"- tour

02/02 – Logo | Hamburg | DE
03/02 – Colos Saal | Aschaffenburg | DE
04/02 – Backstage | Munchen | DE
05/02 – Central | Linz | AT
06/02 – Kofmehl | Solothurn | CH
07/02 – LIVE23, Bosco Marengo | Alessandria | IT
09/02 – Divan Du Monde | Paris | FR
10/02 – Underworld | London | UK
11/02 – De Flux | Zaandam | NL
12/02 – Matrix | Bochum | DE
13/02 – Factory | Mageburg | DE
14/02 – K17 | Berlin | DE
16/02 – Masters of Rock Cafe | Zlin | CZ
17/02 – Szene | Wien | AT
18/02 – Rock it | Aalen | DE
19/02 – Live-Club | Bamberg | DE
20/02 – Kammgarn | Kaiserslautern | DE
21/02 – Biebob | Vosselaar| BE

Magna Femina will also attend the show in Bamberg (19/02) and we will do a live report only for you! So stay tuned!