Carla van Huizen (La-Ventura), 2nd of october by Jessie Line

Hello dear Carla,

first of all, thank you for taking your time and accepting this interview!


1.    You are going to release your new album soon. How would you describe it? What’s different between this album and your first one? For this new EP we have set the bar high, with more evolved music and skills, we are now able to bring a more mature product on the market which will hopefully catch the eye of strong partners in the music industry, giving us the chance to record a full length album in in the near future.

2.    It is going to be a mini-album. How many tracks will it contain? We have recorded four brand new songs. If the production can involve a bonus track or something, we will include one, but this depends on the company which will do the pressing.

3.    We also know that you are about to publish a new video clip. Does it have a story to it? When we began writing the new material, there was one song that stood out immidiately as a single : As I Lay Dying. And as we performed the new song live, it was clear that the audience really liked it and so we decided that this had to be our new single. We are now in the process of writing a story line to compliment the videoclip but we have no doubt it will be a great production ( done by the same team as the previous clip Song For An Idiot)

4.    Do you plan to collaborate with someone on this album? Which female musician would you love to collaborate with in the future (e.g. for a duet)? For this album we have a new collaboration in the form of keyboard player: Ruurd Woltring. He is a talented young multi musician and we are very happy to have him on board for the mini-album. A duet for the next album? Maybe writing a song and sing together with Federica from the Italian band Sleeping Romance. We have done some gigs in the past together and have scheduled a small tour in The Netherlands with them in November 2015, where we have plans to sing a duet on stage!  They are very gifted musicians and very friendly people. Looking forward to meet them again.

5.    Where do you get your inspiration for the album? Mike has written the music for these four songs so Ill let him do the talking: Hi Girl and reader, this is Mike from La-Ventura J! For these songs I had to go on a two year journey, to discover what I was still capable of as songwriter. Reinventing yourself, but also trying the improve all aspects of our music where it was still needed. The last 6 months of the 2 year journey, felt like all piece came together. I figured out the new formula and started writing my ass off. These four new songs will hopefully show that we from La-Ventura are not afraid to improve, but let all of you hear: we know what we are doing. With this crew, it really feels like, sky is the limit for us!     


This is Carla again! As for the lyrics: I had no problem finding a subject for each song. The subjects came to me quit easy. Maybe because it was a long time ago since we had worked on new material and of course the music was very inspirering and new/fresh.

6.    Do you have a song from your albums of which you would say “That’s my favorite!“If you have one, which is it and why? I must admit in all honesty, I like them all very much! It is hard to pick one because they all have something special. I think when we will go and perform the new songs live, it will become more clear which one gives a better feeling on stage and to the audience.  For now, I will go for the new single As I LayDying.

7.    Is it okay to pronounce you a Dutch female fronted metal band? Yes sure! I have no problem with that. We are Dutch and we are obviouly female fronted. If people want to define the genre like this, then thats okay by me. However I do hope that people will keep an open mind for all good music, no matter the gender of the vocalist.

8.    There are a lot of successful bands from your country regarding this particular genre. Do they inspire you? Not specificaly. We like to listen to bands from all around the globe and have a preference for music of good quality and studio sound.

9.    For how long have you been doing music? Do you also play an instrument among singing? I started to sing in a band a long time ago and worked my way up from amateur to the level of semi professional singer (the last 10 years). In my early life, I studied flute and did some home study to learn and play piano.

10.  Are you a fulltime musician or do you have a normal job as well? If you have one, what’s your profession? Yes, I do have a daily job, besides being a musician: I have my own buisiness as a hairdresser. It is a wonderful job, making people beautiful and happy.

11.  What do you think about the phrase female fronted metal band? ( #7)

12.  Are you planning to do a bigger tour, e.g. through all Europe? No, not yet J Do I want to? I definitly would like to experience the thrill of a big tour! However not without proper conditions. I know it is not something to take up lightly; leaving your home and family ( and clientele  ) for a long time, the pressure of giving a top performance, night after night and being in a good and healthy condition all the time, without loosing a good mood after sleep deprevation and bad food J). Ah well, the experience must be worth a million and will be ever so unique. Not many musicians get that chance.  But the main question: is it possible for us a band? Not without the right partners in the music industry, who will pay the bills for such a big adventure and are willing to take the risk of such an investment. I really believe that we have got what what it takes to get to the next level, and I am sure our music has the power to convince strong partners to take us on board. Lets see how it all works out.

13.  If you could choose, which band would you love to support on their tour? I am not sure, any band who knows how to balance between professionalism and fun on tour, would be great.

14.  Is there a question you would love to answer that nobody has ever asked you? If so, please tell us this question and answer it.  Whats the size of my shoes?!?!?!?! ( seize 39-40 EU)

15.  Do you have something to tell our readers and your fans? Yes! I love you guys. From the bottom of my heart. It really warms me everytime when I read your comments and emails and love it when we meet at one of our gigs. The talks, taking pictures, signing our merchandise, it feels like one happy family which I hold very dear!



Thank you so much for answering!



Jessie of Magna Femina