>>“Mucha mierda” and “take it slowly"<<

We had the honour to talk 


           How would you describe your band to someone who hasn’t heard about you? Why should someone buy your album?

It is always very hard for me to describe it in few words, since so many elements flow into CADAVERIA music and into the band’s concept. Sometimes to simplify is necessary to let the people know and understand. So, speaking about the music, we could say we play a sort of extreme Metal, that has its roots in Black and Death Metal and that welcomes Gothic and Thrash influences. We draw from the tradition, but our attitude is very contemporary. Many people define our style Horror Metal. This is correct, not so much for choreographic reasons , but because of the dark and sinister atmospheres always evoked by our songs . I like this definition ‘cause it leaves us free to play what we feel, without being forced to belong to any specific genre. Basically our band is the union of some people who want to express themselves with no limits, who try to improve themselves at every new record and that don’t follow any trend. We are not the “classical female fronted metal band”, first ‘cause my career started 25 years ago, when this kind of stuff didn’t exist, second ‘cause the way I use my voice, switching from growl to scream to clean, is very peculiar, finally ‘cause we don’t take care about the band members’ sex. People should buy our albums ‘cause they would find something unique inside, then ‘cause our cover artworks are so catching.


Speaking about your album. It was released end of 2014. Is there a plan for a new release in 2016?

Yes, our latest album “Silence” was released in November 2014. There is some new material ready and we are in studio right now, working on a pre-production.


Which topics do you apply in your songs?

I’m the responsible of the lyrics. I write about everything that can captures my mind or my soul. Inspirations can come from a book, a movie, a poetry or from my dreams and nightmares. I often meditate on myself writing lyrics, and each time I write down something new I can know myself a little better. It is very therapeutic.


As we can see you have many music videos, which one is your favourite and


Marcelo Santos (the drummer) and I are video-makers and we make the music videos for CADAVERIA, so to speak about them is like to speak about our children. Every video we released has its own story and we love them all. I particularly enjoyed editing “Death Vision” and “Strangled Idols”, which is the most recent. 

   Do you have a favourite song in general?

Well, “Spell”, coming from our first album” The Shadows’ Madame”, is the one every fan expects to listen to at CADAVERIA concerts. I think the tracks from “Silence” have a special groove and they sound great live, so I enjoy a lot to sing songs like “Free Spirit” and “Carnival of Doom”.


   The first time I heard about you was in 2006 as you released your song “Spell”, what would you say has changed between 2006 and 2016? Did you expect you’ll have such a success?

Sorry, I must correct you. Spell was released in 2002. The fact you heard about it only in 2006 is the example of how is still long the path we have to do in terms of promotion... At the same time, being a 100% independent band, we are extremely satisfied of the results we achieved in these 15 years. Well there are four albums in between Spell track and the present. The band evolved as human beings and as musicians. The spirit is still the same, but we improved and became more concrete. At the same time, we don’t think we have done it, we always shift our limits away, otherwise we would be bored.


    We are a webzine dedicated to female musicians in metal and rock. What do you think about the expression “female fronted metal”?

When I started, in 1991, I was a rare bird in the forest and music was just music, independently of the gender. Nowadays, if you focus your attention on the sex of the singer, you can see there is a specific genre that is used to be called “female fronted metal”. This could be useful to create experiences like female fronted metal fests. But if you consider things from a transverse point of view you will see that some of these bands just play Death Metal, others are Gothic Metal, etc. It a matter of perspective. Personally I do not feel to belong to any category. I’m myself and I’m unique and I’m not interested in being part of a crowd. I count for myself, for what I am. In the same way your webzine counts for its contents, for the energy you put in it, and it is not less important than any other webzine that features male musicians.


 Do you also listen to metal especially with female singers in your free time?

No I do not listen to any metal band with female singer. My roots are Mercyful Fate, Venom, Death and all the extreme metal of the Nineties’. Now I listen to Tool, Abbath, King Diamond (again and again), some Stoner metal... some jazz... I like extreme metal, but I like silence too.


What is your biggest influence?

My life is the main source of inspiration and music is part of my life. I’m continually contaminated by what I live, listen , read, by people I meet... by my experiences.


In 2016 you’ll have your 15 anniversary. There are any plans for celebrating this big event?


The material we are recording now will flow into a new release, a surprise for all CADAVERIA fans. I cannot reveal any further details at the moment but some news will come very soon. Stay tuned on cadaveria.com

Do you follow a ritual before you enter the stage?

The makeup is a ritual itself. When I make up and prepare myself in the dressing room I enter a new dimension and all my energies focus on what will happen on stage, where I will release myself, sharing my music with my fans. It seems something very simple but it has a great emotional value. Before going on stage I always say to the guys: “Mucha mierda” and “take it slowly”.



It’s time for a bit confession: If you were in a mall and you didn’t bring any money, what would be the object you would most likely steal? ;)

I’m not interested in objects, I buy very few things, useful things, usually. So I would steal anything very small but very expansive, so that it is easy to bring out of the mall and it easy to sell and make money, perhaps to invest in music.


If you could make three wishes, what would you wish for?

I wish my music will reach millions of people so that everybody can enjoy it, I wish to become wiser and to stay in good health.

Last but not least, is there a question you would love to answer but nobody ever asked you? If yes, feel free to answer directly.

There are many. One could be: What can’t you tolerate? I would answer: I can’t stand trends, people’s conformism, facebook posts stupidity, people who don’t answer your emails, nepotism, pay to play.


Thank you so much again. Hope you enjoy the questions.
I’m looking forward to your answers.

I did. Thanks! Cadaveria

    Good luck with everything

    To you too!