Interview with Anastasia Papadopoulou 

1. Could you please introduce Upon Revival to our readers?

Of course. Well, we are an alternative metal band from Athens.  We're together since the beginning of 2015. We've had some great gigs with great bands in a lot of places here in Athens. We love creating our own music, but also playing some covers of bands we like. 


 2. Is this your first interview? I ask this question because I know you are a very young band.

No, we've had also some other interviews especially for some festivals.


3. How did you came along with your bandmates?

Theo, Mike and Alex were already friends. Accidentally they've heard about me, and that's how I got in. Then I told them about my brother and that's how it all started. Since then we've had some changes and we had to look for a new guitarist and bassist. So I found Kostas and he told us about his friend John. And that's who we are! 


4. I saw you playing at the “Voices of the mist Festival” here in Athens, was it your first performance or did you do some others?

No, it wasn't our first performance. We've also played in other festivals and places here in Athens.


5. If I see you perform I get the feeling you do this for a very long time. Your stage performance I really professional like famous other bands. Did you learn it everywhere or is it more like a feeling for you? 

First of all thank you very very much. No , we didn't learn it. We act natural. We love sharing our energy, vibes, and feelings with the people. 


6. Are you nervous before going on stage? Do you have any rituals before going on stage? 

Well, sometimes it may happened but in general I would not say that we're nervous. We're happy and the live-days are also party-days for us. As for the rituals, no I don't do anything specific, except of getting a good sleep and having some vocal exercises of course.

7. As you may know our webzine is dedicated to women in metal. What do you think about the expression “female fronted metal”?

I think that it refers to female fronted metal bands haha


8. I know you do vocal lessons with Maxi Nil, why did you choose her for the vocal coaching and why in general to take vocal lessons?

I wanted to do some vocal lessons in order to improve myself and Maxi was the best choice for that. Except of being a great vocal coach, she is a super nice person. We are good friends and I'm very glad for having her in general.  


9. You covered some songs by bands like Within Temptation or Halestorm. Why did you decide to take this bands for a cover?

It wasn't something we did on purpose. We just heard these songs, we thought they would fit to us and to our music and that's why we have them in our set list.


10. Are there any other covers planned?
n this time we are focusing on creating more music but of course new covers are on our plans. I can't tell you which they're going to be 'cause I want to surprise you haha 


11. Do you have any tours upcoming in the near future? 

For the time being no, but we'd like it very much in the future.


12. Which band would be dream for you to tour? And which country is your favourite for touring? 

We'd love to play in new cities here in Greece and playing in Germany would absolutely be a dream coming true! We don't have a country in favour.We'd like to explore all countries and share our energy and love for music with people all over the world. As for the bands, well there are so many bands we'd dream to tour with, and Alter Bridge is for sure one of them. As for greek bands, it would be awesome to share the stage again with our friends Jaded Star! 


13. Do you also listen to metal in your free time? What’s your favorite band especially with a female voice? 

Of course. I love metal. It depends on my mood. I can listen from rock'n'roll to progressive metal , which I like a lot. As for female fronted metal bands, to be honest I'm not listening that much to female fronted bands, but of course there are voices, which I admire and study a lot. Floor Jansen for example is one of them.


14. Beside Upon Revival do you have any side projects? 

Not for the time.


15. Is there any question you would love to answer but nobody ever asked you? Feel free to answer directly here

Hmmm I don't know. I don't have something on my mind.



16. Do you want to add anything to this interview? (be creative ;) ) 

 I'd like to thank you for this interview and thank of course all those who support us and are by our side to this journey. Thank you all very much, it means a lot! 

Check their facebook - click on the picture
Check their facebook - click on the picture