Amanda Kiernan - The Order of Chaos,Into Eternity, 14th december 2015 , by Larissa

Hi Amanda,

thank you so much for accepting our interview and taking the time to answer a few questions!

So let’s get started :)


1. How would you describe The Order of Chaos in three words? 

- Loud, random, crazy!


2. What do you enjoy most about touring Europe?

- It's hard to choose what I enjoy the most because it's all so amazing! I love experiencing the culture of the town! The food! The drinks! The people! 


3. Your style of singing is very impressive, especially how well you blend clean vocals and growling/screaming! When and how did you learn to growl/scream? 

- Thank you so much :) I think I've just done it for so long, you pick things up as you go. When I joined The Order in 2006, I did not know how to sing at all… I just threw myself into the unknown, I still don't know what I'm doing! But I've watched DVDs, The Zen of Screaming by Melissa Cross, mostly I learn the best when I am on tour! Being able to watch these amazing talented musicians every night! You can take so much knowledge back home with you. 


4. Are you nervous on stage? Do you follow a ritual before you enter the stage?

- I'm not as nervous as I used to get, but the anxious feeling is always there before I play. I like to make sure that I've had dinner. A good sleep. Way too much water. Warmed up vocal chords. I love to meditate before a show, it gets me in a calm, relaxing mental state. Turning the brain off! And only going on feeling.


5. What’s your favorite song from your current record to perform live?

- Surprisingly Sexwitch! I hated that song but now that we've been playing it every night, it’s fun to sing and I love to inspire the ladies! It's fun because when I sing Sexwitch, I am only looking at all the women in the audience! That is a moment with this song that I can connect to the female crowd <3 


6. Are you all full time musicians or do you have a regular job as well? If you weren't a musician, which profession would you carry? 

- It would be lovely to just live off doing what I love, but that is not the reality in these days and age. I work as a bartender… Then I always have side jobs! Like Subway! Haha, I'll work wherever and do whatever it takes! I work every single day, so that I can take time off to go on these incredible journeys and it's worth every penny. If I wasn't a musician :( …I would have to be doing something just as amazing. I can't live a life without excitement! Adventure! 


7. Do you also play an instrument?

- I used to play guitar, but then I stopped :( which was really dumb of me but I love to pick up any instrument and just play freestyle.


8. Do you have any idols or fellow musicians who inspire you?

- There are too many to name! I am inspired every single day by everyone and everything! Coming out of this European Battle Beast Tour! That is where I am getting my drive from at this moment in time. 


9. Do you also listen to genres other than metal? If so, who’s your favorite artist both there and in metal?

- There is too much music out there to just stick to one genre! I love Opeth! But I also love Pink Floyd. I can't really narrow my choices down, I fall In love with a new band every week :P 


10. Do you think that the very frequently used phrase “female fronted metal“ (which our webzine also uses) suits your band? Do you think it’s fitting to address all the different genres of metal by saying that they’ve got a leading lady? 

- I don't mind it, it could be good and bad! Sometimes it's good to address that there's a female in the band, that'll attract people and keep them intrigued because it's not something they're used to. But it also could make someone not want to even check out the music because some viewers do not like females in bands. 


11. You are also the singer of Into Eternity. What are the main differences comparing the two bands?  

- Both bands are very different from the other. The Order has a raw rock’n’roll heavy sound to it, while IE is more melodic and technical. But my favorite thing about these bands is that we write what we want to write, we play our own way, we do what we want, not what we think fans want to hear. There's no right way of music, everyone has different style. 


12. If you were in a mall and you didn’t bring any money, what would be the object you would most likely steal? ;)

- Lol! I would never steal! And if I did it would have to be something worth getting in trouble for… Like a car! Or a music store! 


13. Which moment of your life would you love to relive?

- Sorry, I guess I should just answer your questions with a straight answer, but I wouldn't be exactly who I was right now if I didn't make all those dumb mistakes. I guess if I had to answer, I'd say I wish I had worked harder on my music and hadn't slacked as much! 


14. Which was the last movie that brought you to tears?

- I was watching Mamma Mia on the plane on my way home from Battle Beast Europe Tour. I cried because I was sad to leave Europe and my new family <3 


15. If you could make three wishes, what would you wish for? 

- World Peace. That one wish would change everything, you wouldn't need any other wishes! But if I had to choose two more: More Mother Earth <3 and to open humanity's eyes to what we are truly capable of.



Okay, time for some spontaneous answers :)


1. Sushi or Pizza? - PIZZA.

2. Beer or Wine? - BIER. 

3. Cat or Dog? - DOG.

4. Sofa or Workout? - WORKOUT, THEN SOFA.

5. Musical or Opera? - OPERA.

6. Movies: Love or Horror? - HORROR.

7. Summer or Winter? - AS A CANADIAN… SUMMER!!!

8. Bar with friends or dancing at a party? DANCING AT A PARTY WITH FRIENDS :D