Actually not one, but three departures. On the 5th of May 2016 the band released an official statement that longtime drummer Merlin Sutter (member since 2004), Anna Murphy (Singer, Symphonia and member since 2006) and Guitarist Ivo Henzi (also since 2004) decided together with the band and founder Christian Glanzmann aka "Chrigel" to part ways and open a new chapter with fresh air and new music.


The Swiss 8-member pagan folk metal band has been existing for 14 years. During that time, they already had to overcome a few changes in their lineup, but it did not harm them musically in any way.

In 2008, they made headlines as the Bassist Rafi Kirder and Whistle-Allrounder Sevan Kirder left the band abruptly after four years.

Later in 2012, the former Guitarist Simeon Koch departed from the band because of private reasons.

Probably, fresh in the minds of the fans, is also the withdrawal of the longest member Meri Tadic (Violinist since 2003-2013).


With certainty it is a bitter disappointment for the fans because each of the three band members have brought their own personal touch to the band over the years and made the band what they are today.

According to a statement of Anna Murphy at her personal Facebook page, it was not an easy decision and she still has to "grasp the situation". Being sad about the situation herself, she also writes about "grave personal conflicts" and that she hopes that the fans "will understand" and still follow her own future projects and music.

The band justifies the departure with the reason that the band "developed" into something it was not meant to be and that they will try, after a break, to "evolve" and "branch out" again.


They will still play the summer festivals together. The last show with the current line-up will be on the 5th of June- the FortaRock - Festival. Further announcements could follow.

The team of Magna Femina wishes the three departing members as well as Eluveitie good luck with their future paths and success in their carriers.

We are sure to hear again from them soon and are excited which new musical journeys they will bring us.