After the weekend is before the weekend: An article about the FemMe Battles which took place last weekend on the 9th and 10th of April. 

First of all, what are these battles and how do they work? 

There are four battle dates, last weekend two of them already took place and the others are taking place in two weeks. In these battles, five bands compete with each other to get a spot at the regular line up for FemMe Festival in September.


Every band is given an amount of 35 minutes to perform and catch the attention of the audience and the jury. Everyone who pays and also the photographer and film crew get a voting card at the entrance where they can vote for the ONE band they liked most that day. The band with the most votes gets directly to the next round. The jury does the same, they choose the band by what they have seen and heared.

On saturday the 9th of April, the bands Evenmore, Pandora's Key, Sacred Seal, Synergy Protocol and Veil of Delusion competed.


After being positively surprised by the talent of Evenmore, there was also another kind of surprise by Sacred Seal who were totally drunk and everybody knows now that their singer wears her pussy shaved. It was not clear whether she noticed that you could actually see those details when she placed her feet on the speaker. Furthermore, she did a Hitler greeting with the left arm, so many people left the venue earlier and waited until they finished their set. Still, they were the most discussed band, unfortunately not in a positive way. In the end, Synergy Protocol could convince the jury and won the battle at the first day. The second winner by the audience was Pandora's Key who are also very cool and talented. I advise you to check out Evenmore nevertheless, even if they didn't win the battles. They are so amazing. The last band playing that evening was Veil of Delusion. Most of the people already knew them before because of their high social media activity. For all those who saw them for the first time - yes, it’s true. They are as good as their promotion. Sadly, the jury did not vote for them and that’s simply business that they didn't win. NEXT TIME.

Let's jump to battle 2 which took place on sunday, the 10th of April. The first band Duckbill Crisis had to cancel because their pregnant singer had an accident. Fortunately both the mom and her unborn baby are fine. The second cancelation came in on saturday evening. Beneath my Sin had technical issues and couldn't attend. So the three remaining bands did their best.


Paperdoll Decay with the amazing Janneke de Rooy opened the day. Its a different  kind of music, for it is much harder than the other bands since most of the vocals are grunts. But the crowd seemed to like it and let them win the second battle. By jury, it was Irradiance, who are influenced by Epica, Nightwish and some other big symphonic metal bands. They combined metal with some jazzy melodies, so you could see and hear that they have so much talent and deserve to be in the next round. 

After all the battles are done, Ton Dekkers, the owner of the FemMe Festival, has a wildcard and can send one band directly to the finals. So it will be a surprise.


If you haven't yet, I highly recommendd you to join the other battles because its a completely different atmosphere than visiting a regular concert or festival. And for these newcomer bands, your vote means the world. 

Here are the following battle dates:

Battle 3 - 23/04/2016 7 P.M., POPEI Eindhoven

Battle 4 - 24/04/2016 3 P.M, POPEI Eindhoven



Battle SF 1: 07/05/2016 7 P.M., POPEI Eindhoven


Battle SF 2: 08/05/2016 3 P.M , POPEI Eindhoven