Are 8 years too long for Sirenia to have a singer?

Did you know that....

Sirenia parted again ways with their singer... this time it's  Ailyn who needed to go?!


Yet another band changes their band members in 2016. This time it's Sirenia a gothic metal/rock-band with classical orchestrations, who has been through a lot of line-up changes already. Ailyn has been part of the band since 2008 and is so far the longest female singer in the band.


The departure was announced on the official facebook page of the band and soon after confirmed by Ailyn herself.

The desicion was made due to personal reasons and both parties wished each others much look in the future.


Nevertheless, life goes on and Sirenia already anounced that they will spend the next two months on finishing the records for their next album.

Furthermore, they are currently searching for a new lead singer. They also announced that all tours and shows later this year will go as planned and promised to have more news soon.


Fans of Ailyn also don't need to be afraid.

While she didn't wrote about any concrete plans for her future, she said that she will keep working with music.


Magna Femina wishes Sirenia and Ailyn the best for their future.

We are excited who the new singer will be and what new projects Ailyn will do!