Goodbye "We will rock you" - Hello "That song"



The likeable Swedish band AMARANTHE released the first single from their upcoming Album "Maximalism" which is too hard for being pop music, but to light for being metal.

Hot hair swung which could be a slow headbang you can see in the video performed by Elize Ryd and four other ladies who are at least as beautiful as Elize herself!

"That song" is definitely an ear catcher from the first tune. Even if I wouldn't define it as real metal, but in the end it has the typical AMARANTHE sound!

Completly without growling parts by Henrik Englund which makes "That song" more to a song which can increase the value of every party!

You can hear Elize with her typical pop voice and Jake E with his unique voice which can't be pigeonholed. Without the parts of Jake you would have never felt the AMARANTHE you know! One thing is for sure – while listening you will automaticly have a smile on your lips and you will do "Stomp-Stomp-Clap" whenever it’s possible.

That’s the talent the Swedish girl and guys have.

If you start getting bored by your life put AMARANTHE into your playlist and you start smiling and feeling so much better just by the happiness of the melodies and Elize’s jubilant face whenever you're seeing her!

If you like pop elements combined with a kind of metal and a kind of a unique touch you will fall in love with AMARANTHE’s new song and in general their new material. :-)