A short portrait of a band whose drama could not be on a higher level.


When it comes to the genre symphonic metal there is only one band who will never be missed out and comes to your mind immediately. Of course i am talking about the in Kitee (finland), in 1996, formed band Nightwish. The former cast consists of Tuomas Holopainen, still the main producer and composer of Nightwish ,his friend Emppu Vuorinen (actual guitarist of Nightwish ) and the opera singer Tarja Turunen.

Now, during eighteen years as a band they have to overcome a lot of obstacles and changes. They even come to the point where the founder Tuomas wanted to quit with Nightwish. When i am talking about concise changes i do not mean the few changes of their record labels. They are by far the most barely perceptible changes in the history of the band.

From now on Nightwish was in the center of attention mostly due to their change of singers. After the release of their successful debut album " Oceanborn" and their first tour in 1997until 1998 and their international success, starting 1998 until now , everything seems to be great and their success semms to be a hint to an everlasting carrer of the band. No one knew about the unresolved tensions between the band members and Tarja because they maintain the facade until the end of the world tour which aptly and surprisingly had the name "End of an era". After the tour in 2005 the dismissal of Tarja was published through an open letter on the official band page. The most shocking event in the carrer of Nightwish resulted in a longer hiatus of the band in which they have to find themselves again. Seemingly it should not end over the years. The process was repeated in the year 2012 when the new singer Anette Olzon, a swedish singer ( 2007-2012) has to left the band,too.


The most strongest reason for her dismissal was the lack of chemistry within the band, which is in such a big band like Nightwish a necessity for their everlasting success and her more "poppy" voice which does not fit to the band anymore. Although it was not easy for Anette to follow in Tarja's footsteps, for sure she never really catched up with the band. So it ended up again with the need to find a new replacement. They found it in their longtime friend Floor Jansen (Former singer of the band after forever and still in her own band ReVamp).

After They found with Floor their third and according to Tuomas' statement the last full-time band member, they also got reinforcement by the BritishTroy Donockley, who was the bagpipes player alongside a lot of sessions during the tour with their album" Imaginaerum" . With him they found their last permanent member. With the British and the Dutch Nightwish started recording and rehearsing their 8 th studio album "Endless forms most beautiful" in the mid of 2014 in Eno, in Finland. Their creative process can be seen in several short video trailers on YouTube on the channel of their label Nuclear Blast.

Hope, anticipation and excitement coupled with suspicions, confusion and prejudices were growing in the world of the Nightwish fan base and achieved its peak early in the year 2015, where the new album was released finally. All their doubts and fears that Nightwish could have lost their magic due to all their changes were blown away. Some people consider the time now as a new "golden era" and they might be right.

One can clearly recognize that Nightwish is definitely back : Louder, better and especially with a new high-dose concentration of power and energy that is not entirely blamed by the singer Floor Jansen herself.

Despite all the controversy, on the one hand because of the album topic " theory of evolution" and on the other hand because of the new singer, Nightwish seems to be fully recovered and ready to climb back into the "music ring" again.

After their release of the album "Endless forms most beautiful" the "endless" never ending tour of Nightwish is underway.

So far, they played numerous sold-out venues which is a deeply clear hint that Nightwish is popular than ever before. They continuing their tour until december 19 this year in the sold out venue in London and are travelling the US next year.

As we all know there will always be critics who are sticking to the old times of Nightwish saying nightwish is dead now but to the ones who are looking into the future and who can consider the whole situation objectively,giving the new cast a change and of course are willing to see Nightwish live on stage they could expecting a bombastic live show with a special light show and a band who has fully regained their energy.

Check out their current tour dates.